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Five amazing houses made from recycled automobile parts

Architects are using unusual materials to build houses, which will help reduce the carbon footprint. A lot of materials, like old airplane parts, ships and containers to name a few, have been used in a creative manner to come up with homes that preserve resources. A lot of cars enter the junkyard every year and making good use of parts from these rides to make beautiful dwellings are a few architects and designers. Below is a list of five amazing houses made from recycled automobile parts that happily embrace the reusing and recycling slogan:

Salvaged Car Parts House

Karl Wanaselja has erected an awesome house in Berkeley, California that has been made using a lot of junk. The clean and green home has been made from recycled car parts that otherwise are thrown away. Minivan windows were used to craft awning and windows of the house, while car panels form a part of the siding. The house ranks high on the comfort graph and has a relatively low footprint. Wanaselja had to hunt for specific cars at junkyards to make sure his vision took shape of a beautiful reality. The environmentally-friendly house also features a shed that has been completely made from Dodge Caravan parts and the house also has a home studio/office crafted from refrigerated shipping containers.


Carlos Levinton, an architect from Argentina, came up with a unique concept to house Haiti victims after he was approached by the UN White Helmets Commission. The architect created the unique Dome-house, which was made using salvaged tires. Levinton has come up with Eco-friendly housing options in the past and the Dome-house is an addition that will help re-built Haiti. The design comprises of a large base made from discarded tires and then installing a metal dome. The whole construction will be topped up tarp or material of similar nature. The house will be low-cost and requires no technology at all to build. It can be erected in a day and won’t cost more than $50.

HPlusF architects design home

Presenting Hummer in a totally different light are architects Craig Hodgetts and HsinMing Fung in the form of HummerHaus. HPlusF architects, owned by Craig and HsinMing, have come up with this novel project that will swap sheet metal components of Hummer’s body shell into dwellings. These modern capsule-style homes will be made using body shells from eight different Hummers. The environmentally-friendly concept also wraps in geothermal storage tanks, soy insulation and photovoltaic cells, which will aid recycling apart from being truly sustainable. The modular housing option will come injected with a lot of strength, which always comes for free with Hummer.

Vail Grant House

Vial Grant House encourages green values and vows to leave the smallest of footprints. The beautiful house has been made by Pugh + Scarpa Architects using prefabricated SCIPS or structural concrete insulating panels. These clean and green panels have been made using 60% recycled material, which comprises of wire mess created from salvaged auto parts. These sustainable panels have great structural and insulating properties and have been made by Green Sandwich Technologies. Vial Grant House also features geothermal cooling and solar panels.

Eco-pod house

Eco-pod house is a quirky housing option that has been designed in an Eco-friendly way by Aidan Quinn. The construction features tiles that have been made from salvaged car tires. The amazing Pod has been created in section using polyurethane that is blown into molds. These are then placed together and then lightweight concrete is sprayed on the structure, which gives it the much needed strength and insulation. This is then caked with tiles made from recycled car tires, which gives it the much required clean and green traits. These tiles look like slates and solar panels are wedged in the upper section of the design. The construction also features a wind turbine, water harvesting system and an odorless dry toilet.