An eco Kitchen Made from Recycled Paper

Kitchens are the hub of home and everyone uses them differently in their own style for cooking and food preparation. Going green in your kitchen does not have to mean sacrificing your style and quality. You can be kind to the environment by using latest earth friendly materials, appliances and other products.


Eco kitchen design brings green technology and recycling ideas into modern homes, offering eco friendly products and smart ways of using sustainable materials. Italian kitchen made of recycled paper and modern resin is a unique green product for eco homes.

Key Cucine (Italian kitchen manufacturers) and Alessio Bassan (industrial designer) designed an attractive modern kitchen cabinet made from recycled paper, which is an innovative idea for eco kitchen. This unique new material is made of recycled paper fiber and non- petroleum based resin. The stylish, modern kitchen cabinet is made of new material created with recycled paper fiber. The rectangular stovetop and a sink with latest design sunken taps offer comfortable cooking area with a large food preparation space.

Contemporary Eco Kitchen cabinets with dug in handles are convenient, easy to open and safe. It is a clean modern kitchen design with smoothly opening doors looks stylish, graceful and functional. Recycling ideas and sustainable design are creatively blended into an attractive, unusual and extraordinary modern kitchen that is a true decoration for eco homes. Using kitchen appliances made from recycled is better and an ecofriendly option as it is the best way to slow down the cutting of trees and this also helps in reducing the quantity of waste on earth.

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