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Analyzing 3 eco-minded brands and their impact on environment

by Dr Prem Community Writer

In a world where 27,000 trees are cut down each day so that we can have toilet paper, and where huge amount of plastic materials are thrown into the ocean to kill one million sea creatures each year, eco-minded people are now considering eco-friendly actions to preserve not only the environment but their health, too. And it’s not just individuals taking action.

 Eco-Friendly Couches  

Eco-Friendly Couches

Textiles around the home and furniture items, such as fire retardants, are a major source of chemicals which over time can make their way into our bodies and negatively impact the environment as well. But thanks to new initiatives backed by research, things are changing. Today, new regulations have helped to limit the use of flame retardants and many manufacturers have phased the use of the chemicals out of their assembly lines.

These new policies mean that manufacturers must label their products and as of January 1, 2015, several retailers have eliminated the use of fire retardants all together, which from a consumer standpoint is a very good thing as it takes the guesswork and worry out of furniture buying. However, in older couches, toxic flame retardants are almost always present. Check for the TB 117-2013 label and a mention of any added chemicals to find out if your couch is safe. You can find the label underneath the couch cushions or on the bottom of your couch. 

Efficient Dishwashers


Today’s efficient dishwashers use about one-third of the water as older, outdated models. Modern dishwashers are built with smart sensors that monitor soil levels in the water and only pump in water when it’s necessary unlike older models. The recently released ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 list recognizes products that pair the latest technology and innovation with cutting-edge energy efficiency. The German-engineered Miele G 4720 SCi made it to the list; and for good reason, too. Its slimline design is complimented by six wash programs, a water-softening unit and a host of other smart and savvy features. The energy-efficient dishwasher also ranks well below the U.S. Federal Standard, as it uses 3.2 gallons per cycle to the standard’s five gallons per cycle. Additionally, it is 32 percent better than the U.S. Federal Standard when considering annual energy usage.

Eco-Friendly Engines


Automakers are taking giant strides toward developing eco-friendly driving options. From eco-friendly engines and electric models to green initiatives and no-waste philosophies, today’s manufacturers are working hard to make driving not only more efficient but also better for the environment. Among such automakers is Chevrolet, which manufactures efficient compact cars with impeccable MPG, sedans and hatchbacks with fuel-saving features such as variable valve timing, direct injection and smart start/stop technology and a whole host of other vehicles optimized for the eco-friendly lifestyle. Drivers can get behind the wheel of a classic like the Chevy Camaro knowing that it is the automaker’s most efficient Camaro yet. These new models are smaller and lighter than previous generations. And like other Chevrolet vehicles, the Camaro also features direct injection and variable valve timing. Plus, this muscle car gets 31 MPG highway.

Large companies and big brands are taking action to clean up their act by offering products which are free of harmful chemicals, items that conserve instead of waste and automakers that are making strides to developing more efficient driving machines.

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