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Arash Karimi’s Audi electric bike offers a green ride for urbanites

Audi Electric Bike

Arash Karimi has designed an eco-friendly electric bike for Audi – a major global automobile manufacturer. The Audi bike would be a perfect source of mobilization for the urban dwellers as cities begin to go green with transportation. The brand – Audi-itself is indicative of the quality, style quotient and comfort that will come with the electric two-wheeler.

Manufacturers of bikes and automobiles are continuously coming up with new concepts and designs for green vehicles – taking into account the fact that our non-renewable energy reserves are being consumed rapidly and have already caused enough damage to our environment. In the near future, we would be able to see many of these concepts of green vehicles using renewable energy sources ruling both the streets and the skies as a sense of responsibility for the environment is being felt in the automobile industry at large.

The frame of the bike is robust and sturdy with a perfect geometrical shape and minimalistic styling. The battery back of the Audi Electrc Bike is contained in the body whereas the rear wheel frame houses the electric engine. This bike is a great green transport concept as it works on electricity and its batteries can be recharged – making it a zero-emission vehicle.

The battery, upon getting fully recharged, can last for 20 km. The bike comes with LED rear and front lights, interchangeable wheels and an adjustable seat. The Kevlar belt chain in the bike is also very easy to maintain as greasing is not required. The Audi Electric Bike is still at the conceptual stage, but maybe Audi (the car manufacturer) might notice the idea and make Karimi’s concept an official product befitting the Audi brand.

Via Yankodesign