Are Cell Towers Going Green In 2017?

Cell Towers Going Green

Can the cell tower industry be the next market going “green” in 2017? With over 300,000 cell sites in the United States, and some experts estimating almost 1,000,000 worldwide, the benefits of switching to green technology may be worth it for major cell tower companies, such as American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications.

United States mandates clean energy solutions

 Cell Towers Going Green

The United States may be the country to mandate certain clean energy solutions, but until that time comes, private companies see big opportunity in making the switch to green technology to power cell towers. Presently, India requires 50% of rural tower sites and 20% of urban tower sites to be powered by renewable energy systems, and they have years of experience with these solutions.

Telecom industry forecasts

There are currently forecasts that by 2024, the telecom industry will spend over 3.1 billion dollars annually for energy resources and storage solutions. That’s a large item on the expense report each year and it gives tower companies all the incentive needed to find a less expensive alternative.

Cell Tower leases to increase in next decade

Property owners in the United States with cell tower leases on their property, especially those in rural markets, may receive phone calls or letters about these changes. Some are even contacted with cell tower lease buyouts. While saving Earth’s environment is always a priority, these necessary modifications to the cell tower are also an entry point for a cell tower landlord to renegotiate a current cell tower lease. At the end of the day, renewable energy may actually lead to more green in the pockets ofproperty owners who have cell sites.

It will be interesting to see where emerging technologies take us. One thing is certain – tower companies will be expanding their reach as far as possible to connect as many people as possible with their networks. Look for a hybrid technology to help them do that very soon.

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