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Artist creates extraordinary portraits of celebs from recyclables

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When I first saw the intricate portraits made by Jane Perkins, it left me speechless. Never could I even in my wildest dreams imagine that such magnificent images could be created using what is better known as trash. Jane Perkins, a talented artist makes stunning pictures of famous people with recyclables. The building material of the lovely artworks comes from her neighbor’s storerooms and second hand shops.

The creative 51-year-old former nurse hailing from Kenton, near Exeter, Devon creates unusual pieces of art using everyday items such as buttons, toys and plastic cutlery. What she does is she attaches objects to an enlarged photograph of the celeb whose portrait she want to make. Jane uses eye beads to add real emotion to the picture. She used an ear made out of a plastic kangaroo to complete the portrait of Barack Obama, for Nelson Mandela’s nose an Action Man’s leg was brought into use and a toy skeleton’s rib cage became hair to Boris Johnson’s picture. Amongst her ingenious works pictures of Michelle Obama and the Queen hold a special place. All her artworks are worth some £1,000 each.

Via: Telegraph