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Artist designs bike rack guarded by human-like sculptures

Bike Racks as Public Art

Bike racks keep our bicycles safe and secure. One can easily attach their bicycle to the racks and avoid theft. But, what happens when an artist gets to alter them? Well, they get a fresh life in the form of sculptures. Surprised! Butch Anthony, an Albama folk artist, has given the bike-storing spaces an artful life with his creative ingeniousness.

In today’s world, people have woken up to the fact that the environment needs to be saved from the clutches of deterioration. This is when the sense of upcycling and recycling seeps in their lives. Waste can be given an eye-appealing existence with a little effort. The artist has skilfully used salvaged bicycle parts for his creation. It gives an impression as if two humans are protecting the rack like bodyguards on either side.

Anthony’s creation is a fine example of function art, which is more accessible. It is always available for public view as against confining art pieces in museum and galleries. People can savor it on the go and don’t need to take out special time. The eco-friendly bike rack stands with unending grace in the Rosslyn’s Gateway Park at 1300 Lee Highway and manages to fetch a lot of attention. Its rusty appearance makes it all the more attention-grabbing, proving that art knows no bounds.

Via: Clarendon.Patch