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Best artistic cabinets made from recycled materials

Colorful CabinetryOne man’s trash is others treasure. This saying goes nowhere as perfect as in the artistic cabinets we are going to introduce you with. And if you are one those who care for environment, these artistic cabinets, made from recycled materials, are surely going to attract your attention. Hit the jump to checkout five cabinets made completely out of material that otherwise would have rot under the huge debris.

Recycled Wood Cabinets

Recycled wood cabinetsThe London based Studio has some really amazing storage concepts. One of the many amazing cabinets from the studio is named Reveal, which has been created out of recycled floorboards. These cabinets look much more beautiful because of the sole reason that the recycled material used gets more character over a period of time. The cabinets have these gorgeous looking hollow spaces which are there in various places. These act as shelving spaces for anything you want to keep from flower vases to show pieces. Stuff like accessories and clothes can be stored behind the cabinet doors. The wood is made a little darker inside the cabinet.

Recycled cabinet by Leftovers

Recycled cabinet by LeftoversGiving life to recycled material needs ingenuity and above all craftsmanship. However, Linda and Jona Netsman have done it beautifully. They have followed the the same principle to bring their new furniture collection and guess what? All of their stuff is a re-birth of past designs. Although, there was a lot of hard work that went into improvising the the old furniture and giving it a new color. But, I must say, their stuff looks fabulous. The have got some cool cabinet too. If you are the color loving types you must check them out yourself. You will simply love them.

Colorful Cabinetry by Direct Design

Colorful CabinetryMake your child’s room a place that you will love to be in by putting one of these colorful drawers from Direct Design. These trendy looking Drawers are made out of the materiel once thrown out by people. Surprised? At Design Direct in Hamburg, Germany, this is usual. Because, that is what they do. They convert waste stuff into cool and very innovative furniture.

Recycled cabinets

Recycled cabinets

Now, look at these cool cabinets. Could you have ever imagined that these are rolling cabinets? Yes, absolutely. These are conceptualized by a German company called Bordbar which turned used monoplane trolleys into rolling cabinets. Aren’t you like rolling on the floor with excitement? I am. And imagine, you could be owning a cabinet that once traveled with your favorite movie star or rock star. Doesn’t that sound exciting? These guys are giving you the exact trolleys without changing their shape, just adding beautiful colors, as they were used by your favorite celebrities once!