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Seven artistic ways to recycle old T-shirts

Old T-shirts

“My wardrobe is full of T-shirts, but which one to wear.” This thought crosses almost everybody’s mind some time or the other, until we bang into a store and grab a new one. This new one becomes our best buddy to accompany us everywhere for at least few days till it did not assimilate praises from all our friends and retain its newness. Next the similar state revisits. Hence some ways should be sought after to get over this perennial problem.

We all have many a things lying around just we need a little spark to mend something new out of those. Let’s see the seven ideas here to get something new out of an old t-shirt.

1. We can use fabric colors, spray paint to draw, scribble whatever we want, etches a design or even write a very unusual quote. You read a book, find some catchy line, just write it out in your t-shirt. You can also go to a shop pick up your favorite colors and spray random on your old t-shirts. Sometimes even you get amazed at the result. There are some fixed color combinations set in our mind. This randomness offers you way to arbitrary combinations.

2. Some photo could be scanned and printed. You can also get your own photo or some pictures of your family, of your pets, your favorites scanned and printed on your t-shirt. Sometimes it can be according to the season. During cricket and football matches you can print the photo of your supporting team, or even during any other festivals the like can be done to suit the occasion.

3. Sometimes some gems or sparkle can add a new flavor to your plain tees. You can go to any craft shop and get some glittery pieces to add a novel touch. A simple tee can wear an ordinary look. Though too much of glitters would make it look cheeky, but little can be used for a different look.

4. You can easily shorten your full sleeves tees to quarter or even half sleeves. And sew some strips of ribbons to sleeve-ends, color and bottom. Even you can leave them frayed. Now worn-out styles have already hit the market. It gives a casual touch to your personality.

5. For old tees, you can easily stitch it into bag or cushion cover or pillow cover. T-shirts can easily be stitched into small bags or purses. This way you can have a lot of colorful bags and hand purses to match your dress. It would make a fashion statement also re-using the old tees. T-s can be stitched to cover a pillow or a cushion. You can also draw, or paste some patch works to give a different touch. With a plain bed-sheet a printed t-shirt cover would beautify with its contrast. Or a printed bed sheet may have a plain pillow cover.

6. Patch work is never an outdated style. Very bright t-shirts can be cut into irregular portions and stitched in a lighter one. Or the vice versa can also happen. The patches can be sometimes of geometric shapes, sometimes all of similar patterns, sometimes of all mixed, and many more.

7. Many tees can be stitched together to make a quilt for light winter. It becomes also very comfortable. Its light weight make you carry it anywhere you snuggle in winter to read your favorite author or watch your favorite TV show. It is both economic and comfortable.

Re-using an old t-shirt provides you a space to make your statement that reflects your personality. Rather it also acts as a boost to social gathering. Ask your friends to bring their old t-shirts to your home and all of you sit together with colors, paints, spray-paints, scissors, glue, thread and needle to present each other a brand new designer t-shirt. Or invite small kids in your family and surrounding for a hand printing occasion. Give those colors and old tees and see what they give you in return. It’s fun and re-use together. Overall it really feels good to wear something of your own creation.