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Asbestos in the environment: Where is it found?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

There has been a common question among people: Where is Asbestos found? But many are still unaware that asbestos can be found in different places – the natural environment and mined from the ground. However, before knowing where we find these chemicals, it is important to know what actually they are. Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals: chrysotile, tremolite, amosite, anthophyllite, crocidolite, and actinolite.

Let us now check where is Asbestos found?

insulation “R” value (2)

There are many reasons and locations where these asbestos chemicals can be found.

  • In Home Walls: If you are an US resident and your home was built before 90s then it is sure to have asbestos inside in one form or the other. You need to check different locations of your home to find it.
  • Insulation: The gap between walls called as insulation is the space that carries asbestos in different quantities. Many homes carry a huge insulation area that eventually leads to increase in chemicals relating to Asbestos’ category.
  • Old Vehicles: If you have old vehicle, it may carry huge amount of asbestos. Brake pads clutch facings and other parts in older vehicles may carry any of the minerals stated above.
  • Furnace Pipes and boiler Insulation: Some pipe manufacturing companies use asbestos cement for wrapping the boiler pipers and furnace.

Apart from above mentioned locations, these minerals were also used in battleship materials. US Navy were much interested in using these materials. Ships which were built before 1980 carry asbestos. In fact, many ships that you may still find in museum have asbestos. Some areas where these minerals are found include Engine & Boiler Rooms, Pump Rooms, Gun Turrents, Mess Halls, and Crew Sleeping Quarters.

Asbestos fibres are small and once released in air can stay for long hours. These fibres neither disappear nor evaporate and are resistant to chemicals as well. No doubt, these chemicals are found easily in homes, schools and municipal buildings. In other words, asbestos are found in manufacturing, construction sites, old homes and chemical industries.

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One of the most amazing facts about these chemicals is that asbestos threads were used during WWII by surgeons to stitch up wounds of soldiers after operations to heal wounds. Higher exposure of these chemicals can affect one’s lungs and eventually, lead to cancer. There are certain regulations undertaken by US government to check and prevent its use. This is only to bring down the effect of asbestos. Accordingly, Homeowners too need to make sure to seek precaution that will further help them in taking care of their health and environment.

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