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Asus to create cardboard PCs out of shipping boxes

asus cardboard pcs

What if computers are made of cardboard? Asus, a PC making company, decided to make cardboard PCs from shipping boxes because cardboard PCs can be in perfect condition for years and you can save on the cost of metals too. All the Mini-ITX motherboards of Asus will be packed in shipping boxes, which can be re-used to make PC covers. This cardboard PC is provided with space for CD-Drive, Hard Disk, etc. The inner parts of the cardboard PC resemble that of the conventional PCs. They differ only in the outer covering.

If you do not heat or damage the cardboard cover, it can be kept in perfect condition and can work forever. Or, if your PC’s metal case is broken, you can fix it in the cardboard case until you find another metal case. The cardboard PC may be perhaps one of the best ways to show our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Via: Dvice

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