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Balanced air pressure in the tires is good driving, and good environmental practice

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Properly inflated tires are a safety routine and a traffic law that ensures drivers and the safety of other people on the road. You must be thinking that what this traffic law is doing in an article that is supposed to have something related to the environment and the green living. Well, the proper and under inflation of tires has a direct relation with the environment.

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Many people take this thing very lightly and underinflated tires in their vehicle do not bother them much. Many trucks and cars on the road run on one or two tires that are properly inflated, and the other two underinflated tires. They fail to realize that an underinflated tire could cause a major accident and is a threat to the environment as well.

Problems caused by underinflated tires

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  • If you drive your vehicle with underinflated tires, the life of tires reduces by about a year. Short life of tire means more expenditure on their frequent purchase.
  • Underinflated tires create drag between them and the road, which increases fuel consumption that is a real drain on your pocket.
  • If the tires of a vehicle do not have the required air pressure, it imbalances the vehicle. Underinflated tires make it challenging for the driver to control the car, which often causes accidents.
  • Improper air pressure in the tires while driving is fatal for tires, as it leads to irreparable tire damage sometimes.
  • A vehicle tends to produce more greenhouse emissions when there is something wrong with its proper functioning.

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It can be concluded that properly inflated tires are in the best interest of people and the environment, so there should not be a single time when your vehicle has even a single tire that is not properly inflated. To ensure that all the tires have the required amount of air pressure you can use following guidelines:

  • According to the traffic rules, getting air pressure checked once a month is fine but many car companies believe that checking air pressure must be a weekly routine. You can make it a point that whenever you go to the gas station, you get the air pressure checked.
  • Early morning is the best time to get the air pressure checked because it comes right when the tires are cold. You should check air pressure before setting out on a journey because that is when the tires are cold.
  • The gauges at the gas stations are sometimes not correct, so if could own your own tire gauge then nothing like it. It would allow you to check air pressure anytime, anywhere, and you will get accurate result every time.
  • You should know the exact PSI (pounds per square inch) value, which you can read on the sticker placed inside the vehicle. It allows you to have properly inflated tires all the time.

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As of now, you must have realized the importance of properly inflated tires, and all that could take place if you keep on driving with underinflated tires. Considering this will definitely make your driving safe, your fuel efficiency would increase, and your vehicle would have least carbon emissions, thus, protecting the environment from air pollution.

Properly inflated tires enhance fuel efficiency, minimize carbon emissions, and they are safe as well. If a driver tries to give high speed to a vehicle that is running on underinflated tires, it can lead to a major accident. Therefore, make sure the car you drive has all the tires properly inflated, so that you save yourself and the environment altogether.

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