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Balmuda unveils GreenFan that blows natural wind


An eco-friendly fan is here to beat the sweltering heat this summer. Balmuda Design Ltd. has recently unveiled its new electric fan that blows self-generated air. Dubbed the “Green Fan”, the fan comprises of two fans that are concentrically arranged and diffuses air by creating a pressure difference. It is designed by integrating a large 9-blade fan outside with a small 5-blade fan inside to generated air flow by the 5-blade fan that is half of 9-blade fan. This results in attracting the outside wind to the inside wind, and they collide with each other 30 to 50cm away from the front cover of the fan.


This pressure difference leads to diffusing winds that move forward like a small wall. Unlike conventional fans that have a rotating speed of 600rpm in the weak mode, the GreenFan flaunts the rotating speed of 250rpm, using only 4W of power. Although the air flow can be adjusted in four different modes, when the GreenFan is used as an electric fan, it supports only three modes. This eco-friendly fan will hit the market in the middle of May 2010. If you too wish to make this eco product yours, all you have to do is part with US $358.

Via: TechOn