Bamboo charcoal as an extremely versatile resource

Bamboo charcoal has turned out to be beneficial for many reasons. It is a good absorbing material of harmful chemicals present in the air. Moreover, it reduces the amount of smog in its vicinity. This is useful as smog contains a lot of harmful chemicals.Following are some useful benefits if using bamboo charcoal:


Purification of drinking water

Bamboos have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics. The bamboo charcoal absorbs harmful pollutant present in the drinking water. It also eliminates many other toxic substances such as chlorine, or other dissolved gases. Moreover, it imparts natural minerals into the water like sodium and magnesium, thus enhancing the mineral content in drinking water.


Promote metabolism and blood circulation

Bamboo charcoal promotes the circulation of blood by emitting the necessary infrared rays. These are generally placed inside mattresses and cushions of the person using this method. It also de-odorizes the surroundings, hence they find an important place in refrigerators and trash cans.


Eco-friendly furniture

Expanding industries are adding on to the air and water pollution. These serious problems to the environment can be brought into control by using bamboo charcoal products. Offices that comprise of computers and other heat producing gadgets also can be installed with bamboo charcoal products as it recycles this polluted air.



From fine coated papers to heavy brown types, bamboos can be used in making wide varieties of papers. It is a good alternative to save the usage of tree wood to make papers. At present, approximately 2.2 million tons of bamboo is used to make paper. Even though the world is going tech-friendly, the usage of bamboo to make paper can considerably reduce the cutting down of trees.



The ancient and yet used method to generate fuel energy is by using wood charcoal. However, bamboo charcoal is not only an efficient means of producing energy but also is 3 times porous as compared to wood. It produces fewer odors and contains high amounts of minerals. The energy produced is more than 7000 kcal/kg, which is far more in quantity than petroleum and wood. This not only is eco-friendly but also produces less impurity. It saves the usage of fuel thus cutting the cost.


Using bamboo charcoal is not only eco-friendly but also cost effective. It can be blended and used as needed.

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