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Battery-assisted INgSOC bike for the green commuters

INgSOC bike

Bicycling is one of the greenest modes of transport available on this planet and those who appreciate the pedal power are going to like the INgSoc bike designed by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. Designed for speed, this bike enjoys and eye-catching shape and has its frame built from carbon fiber shatterproof polymer.

The bicycle has magnificent adaptability due to its strong frame. The INgSOC bike looks perfect for daily commuting, as its ride-style-control allows the user to control handling against comfort ratio. On its frame, one can also mount handsets and the bike has three modes of operation : battery powered, battery assisted and battery charge. Moreover, the bike’s battery charges itself on the go. What else could a green commuter ask for?

Via: Tuvie/TrendHunter

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