Be a better traveler by reducing energy costs on your vacation

If you reduce your energy usage, it not only saves your money but saves environment and the coming generations as well. It saves money as the value of your energy bills comes down, it saves energy resources like coal, oil and natural gas and help its conservation for the coming generations, and decreases the carbon footprint, eventually making earth a better place to live.

Being eco-conscious all the time is good and required but some people forget being eco-conscious during the holidays, which is not in the interest of the environment and human beings. Here in this article you will find several ways that will help you all become eco-conscious all the time, especially during holidays:

Turn off the lights when you are not home

Turn off the lights

Holiday and festival lights look amazing but they use too much of electricity. The ideal time for lights to burn is less than six hours, and be it your Christmas tree lighting, the light decoration in your patio, or any other outdoor or indoor lighting, ensure that you switch them off when you go off to sleep or when you are not at home. One more point you should take into consideration is the amount of lighting you use it should not be much. If required you can use some mirrors to enhance the lighting effect but not too much of lights, as it is a sheer wastage of electricity.

Get LED decorative lights

LED decorative lights

The electricity usage gets so high during the holiday season because majority of people use incandescent holiday lights that consume a great deal of electricity. They are superb to look at but there is no point of such beauty that comes at such a high cost. You can choose LED decorative lights that now come in different colors and look equally good as the traditional lights, even better the look and they use half the amount of electricity, which makes them eco-friendly lights.

Insulate your home well


It is but obvious that you go out and hang out with friends during daytime in holidays. When you return home, you find your home to be too cold and heating appliances take too long to heat up. Probably you forgot to open curtains in the morning and sunshine could not come in and warm your home, or else there are too many cracks and leaks in your home that let the cold come in. If you take proper care of these two things, there is quite a possibility that you will experience a big reduction in energy costs.

Cut down on your shopping trips

Capturing fun. Top view of three beautiful young women enjoying

Holiday season is also a big shopping season, which demands quite many shopping trips. However, if you plan your trips, you would certainly be able to mitigate the number of trips and save fuel. You can plan your trip with friends as well so that you do not drive your car every time, and two three friends can go in the same car. To go green you require doing some logical thinking and saving wastage, as simple as that.

Dispose carefully

Waste-to-energy method (2)

Whatever waste gathers after the merrymaking is over, ensure you dispose it off carefully and properly. The gift-wraps, sparkling balls and the decorative lights should not end up in landfill sites but at proper places like the recycle plants and waste treatment plants.

The holiday season or the festive season demands fancy lighting and pompous behavior but not to the extent that people start wasting energies and polluting environment. One can still enjoy the holiday season and take part in all festivities with great enthusiasm but bit differently, in the green way.

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