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Beautiful and artistic eco friendly decor ideas for your office

by DrPrem Jagyasi
eco friendly decor ideas for your office

Contributing to a healthier planet by going green and undertaking various eco friendly ideas at places like our surroundings can be a great achievement. Being eco friendly is a priority in every field nowadays. It basically started off at homes and now the eco friendly flair is gradually extending to the office premises. Being eco friendly is not only good for the planet, but it also is very beneficial in promoting the overall level of the well being of people. According to various studies, it has been proven that the offices which are established keeping in mind the Go Green concept, provide a very nice and positive environment to the employees. It also helps in reducing the stress levels, boosting the overall health and the productivity levels of the employees by providing a happy and fresh environment. Below mentioned are some of the eco friendly ideas of decorating your office.

Painting the home office


The first thing in giving an eco friendly flair to the home office is painting the walls. Paints with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) should be selected for the interior of the office. Selecting the paints with low VOCs helps in substantially reducing  the formation of ozone and fog, which will prove to be very beneficial for the environment. Along with this, it also helps in cure of various health problems like memory impairment and respiratory illnesses. Colors can be selected according to your comfort and wish which actually provide you a positive vibe while working in your home office.

Selecting the furniture


A very important part indeed while going for an eco friendly décor for your home office is the selection of furniture. The furniture being the centerpiece of the office can become the biggest destructor to the environment as they are prepared as a result of deforestation and chemically treatment of the particle boards. There are various options available in furnishing the home office now which look trendy and do not harms the environment. The first thing in this context is recycling the old furniture from various shops and garage sales. A fresh coat of paint and some modification will make it look trendy and brand new. The second thing which can be done is DIYing your own eco friendly furniture. One of the examples of such piece of trendy furniture is a desk made out of books. The third idea is to buy furniture which is made up of eco friendly wood like cork and bamboo, when there is no other option than buying a new piece of furniture.

Plants in the office

eco friendly decor ideas for your office

Indoor air within homes and other buildings is getting more polluted than the outdoor air nowadays and plantation is the best idea to cope with the problem. Plants can purify the air and improve the design of your home office and brighten the room along with creating positive vibes in it. Five plants which work best in detoxifying and purifying the air are areca palm, lady palm, rubber plant, English ivy and peace lily.

Energy efficient light bulbs


For a brighter and glowing room of your home office, energy efficient light bulbs are the best option as they save both money and environment. The halogen bulbs, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and the fluorescent (CFLs) use up upto 60% lesser electricity as compared to the incandescent bulbs, and the lifespan of these bulbs is also 9-10 times more than the regular ones. So, a little change in the idea of using the light bulbs can bring a big change in the environment.

Reducing the paper consumption

Reducing the paper consumption

Again, one of the important factor worth consideration is the reduction in consumption of paper. Some small changes can be very beneficial in reducing the paper wastage as it is not possible to omit the use of paper completely. The first idea in reducing the wastage of paper is to go digital. Wherever it is possible, the official work should be done digitally. Bills and documents can also be prepared digitally. Use of chalkboards and whiteboards are a very good alternative to paperwork in the office. It will result in a substantial reduction in the use of paper and add a fun and decorative element to the office premises.

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