Beautiful floating house stays off-grid with solar

Houseboats may offer you a beautiful, peaceful life on water. However, most of the house boats we know of are not eco-friendly and use large amounts of fuel to move about on water. In addition to this, house boats do not feature very use friendly designs and usually come with cramped, dark living quarters below the deck.


Enter the Solar powered House called Waternest 100, a house boat that is the perfect answer for all these concerns. Floating on water, the house’s design is the brainchild of Giancarlo Zema, a world renowned Italian architect. In addition to featuring a really look design and interiors, the house comes with another highlight that would make it more appealing to green enthusiasts. The Waternest is a solar powered vehicle that relies entirely on solar derived power for its energy needs.

Unique Features of the Waternest 100

 Power Generation

Built in joint collaboration with renowned firm EcoFloLife which has already built many other energy efficient homes around the world, Waternest 100 covers an area of 100 square meters and is made of 100% recycled laminated timber as well as recycled aluminum (for the hull) salvaged from old ships.

The 12m wide and 4m high abode features a pod like design with open balconies on both sides. It also features large windows that allow plenty of natural light to enter the rooms and offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding regions. This reduces the demand of indoor lights, thus cutting down on energy costs to a great extent. Indoor skylights in the rooms also allow plenty of sunshine to engulf them, thereby making these spaces naturally bright and airy.

The house consists of all the rooms found in a standard home. These would include a living room, bedroom, kitchen and a lavatory. The makers have also announced that other room configurations can be planned out according to the owner’s requirements. Accordingly, some alternate configurations that can be adapted according to the owner’s needs include an office, a restaurant, a lounge, an exhibition area or even a retail store.

Power Generation

 Waternest 100 4

The Waternest 100 features an impressive roof fitted with solar panels. The designers have used amorphous solar panels for the same purpose so as to match the curved shape of the roof perfectly.

Taking up nearly 60% of the 100 m2 roof, these solar panels absorb sun rays and transform the same into reusable energy that can be used to power the boat. On a sunny day, the solar panels can generate about 4KW of power while the house itself needs an output of only 1KW.

There is no need to worry about rainy or cloudy days as well. The house comes with a storage facility to store surplus power which can then be used on days when the solar panels are non-functional or are not able to produce the power needed to meet the energy needs of the house.

Other Amenities

Waternest 100

The Waternest 100 is also equipped with a state of the art micro-ventilation system that allows plenty of fresh air into the building. This is facilitated with the help of floor air grilles installed at appropriate areas inside the house. The house also features an automated temperature control system that helps the abode maintain its eco-friendly stance of using less energy and requiring minimal maintenance.

In addition to all these, a home automation system would allow owners to control several options like lighting, blinds, curtains and the television/music system. EcoFloLife has also created a range of eco-friendly furniture options that would look absolutely stunning in the Waternest 100.

The house is designed to float on calm waters on lakes, rivers, bays and calm seas. It can be tethered to a spot or allowed to float around at its will, thus giving you the perfect excuse to live a harmonious low-impact life that others will envy for sure.

The Waternest 100 is a solar powered boat that can float on calm waters and features eco-friendly interiors and controls. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful eco-friendly holiday.

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