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Beautifully woven chairs to give you an electrifying seating experience

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When you sit on a chair, the first thing you would tend to notice is the comfort level associated with it. Then, slowly your hands would go down, feeling the curvaceous body of the chair, checking out the texture of the material which is giving you so much comfort. I’d say that is normal human tendency. If you’re a comfort seeker, then the Interweb Chairs by Designer Studio BRC Designs are an essential thing for you.

Beautifully carved out of 1100 feet of coaxial cable, the inner fibres have been very delicately woven into the base of the chair, while at the same time, keeping your comfort in mind.

The black outer part of the wire along with the inner copper lining was stripped off to reveal the inner white portion of the wiring which was conveniently knit into the chair. The base unit has been crafted out of 64 aluminum grounding bars which have further been interwoven through the wires.

Just to satiate the curiosity of the buyers; the chair has been salvaged out of raw materials which would otherwise have been strewn across some garbage dump. The wire was picked up from a warehouse whereas the frame of the chair has been salvaged and recreated out of plastic bathroom stall walls found in an old mill in S. Carolina. Now this is what I call true creativity.

The nifty shapes of the chair have been carved out of a jigsaw, reheated to give it shape and to bring out the royal inky blue color. As soothing is the color, the more pleasurable is the chair to sit on. Comfort redefined.

Just a little note about the designer studio BRC. It’s run by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell who is a true industrial artist and he shall be displaying his work in ICFF fair in New York shortly. IT goes unannounced; the chairs would surely leave everyone ecstatic with pleasure.

Via: Inhabitat