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Beautify ugly concrete jungles with Packaged Vertical Garden

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In an attempt to breathe new life into an ugly, ignored wall in the city center, designers at Luzinterruptus have come up with vertical garden that will convert a boring wall into a glowing green garden. This eco-friendly creation by the creators of stealth lighting installations is made using 110 transparent food-packaging containers that were filled with local leaves and branches. In order to make them glow, a lighting source is also added.

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With the Packaged Vertical Garden, the designers seek to draw attention toward the issue of preservation of urban greenery. Luzinterruptus has used the plastic containers to show that artificial nature could be a solution in today’s world, but it cannot sustain for long. Vertical gardens, though they add to the aesthetics, also have a drawback that is the lack of accessibility. Therefore, they are in favor of having more public green space that can be used by people.

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Via: Mocoloco