Ways Being Frugal Can Save Your Money and Your Environment         

Many of us live on the assumption that going green is expensive. We think that things like organic food, organic beauty products are expensive and not something that an average Joe can afford. But it is time to change this mindset. Because there are plenty of ways by which you can save the environment and also money.

  1. Go the recycling way

Recycling is one of the best ways that help you protect the environment from pollution and it can also help in saving money. You can do recycling in small ways. Make use of recycled paper bags to carry things. Pack your kids lunch in metal containers instead of using plastic bags. Carry water when you go outside.

This will prevent you from buying packaged drinking water. These things may sound menial. But if each one of us follows these methods, then the impact will be huge. Recycling of electronic goods is also very important. This is because these electronic goods contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for the soil. Try using your electronic goods as long as you can or try donating it to the poor or a charitable organisation.

  1. Save energy

Many of us have this bad habit of plugging in our charger and leaving the mains on even after the phone is charged completely. Remember, you are only wasting energy. Always switch off the buttons after the use of the appliance or charging of a gadget is completed. Switch off the lights and fans when they are not in use. Minimise the use of cars. Get into the habit of walking to nearby places. If the place is a bit far, then too, instead of taking your car, go on your bicycle. It will save fuel, prevent pollution and walking and cycling is good for your health.

  1. Learn to make your own products

If you thought that making beauty and cleaning products was difficult then it is not so. You will have to do a little research initially regarding the ingredients and the methods. When you do the research,you will realise that some products like making of window cleaners have very small procedures. You can reuse the containers and you can be sure that the ingredients that have been used in the product are better and safer than the commercial products.

  1. Buying organic vegetables from the farmers or growing your own veggies

There are many farmers who sell organic vegetables and fruits. Try to buy your veggies and fruits from these farmers. This will help you get your vegetables at a lesser price. If your house has backyard, then try growing your own vegetables. You can get fresh vegetables in your garden and you can be sure that they have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

  1. Avoid disposable and go for reusable items

We have this tendency to use paper napkins, plates etc which can be disposed off. But this is only adding to the garbage problem of the globe. Therefore, always go for reusable items. Make use of reusable items which can be used again and again. These reusable items are expensive than the disposable stuff. But one must keep in mind that you can use it again and do not have to buy them everytime. But the disposable goods have to be bought again and again and hence cumulatively they will be expensive.

These are just a few simple and prudent measures which can help you in saving the environment and also help in saving your wallet. Each individual must explore these types of different frugal ways which will save your booty and the nature.

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