Benefits of Choose a Green, Organic Mattress

Some of the major reasons why people choose organic products are that they are healthy, high in quality and sustainable, with the production processes adopting fair working conditions for workers and ethical treatment of animals. We tend to spend at least a third of our lives in bed. So why not opt to choose a bed that is not only comfortable, but healthy as well. One area where you can incorporate these is your mattress. Giving more attention to the material as well as the process that goes into making the mattress you sleep on will help you choose one that offers the best in terms of comfort and health. Accordingly, choosing a green, organic mattress for your bedding can have its benefits that you, your family, as well as the environment can enjoy. So if you are considering buying a mattress for your bed, here are the benefits you stand to gain from an organic mattress.

Organic Mattresses are free of chemicals, glues and other toxic elements

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The most common complaint about conventional aka synthetic mattresses is the sheer number of toxins they contain in the form of chemicals, dyes, glues, etc. Almost all types of synthetic mattresses would contain substances like VOCs, Organophosphate flame-retardants and PBDE flame-retardants. These toxins can create serious health affects for you and your family in the long run. Choosing an organic mattress on the other hand would keep you safe from these toxins, as these mattresses are relatively safe of any kind of harmful chemicals.

Organic Mattresses facilitate Moisture and Temperature Regulation

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The natural fibers present in organic mattresses aid in regulating moisture and temperature. For instance, wool is a natural regulator of both temperature and moisture and so, can keep you warm or cool depending on the season. In addition to acting as an insulator, it also removes excess moisture and keeps your skin dry. Another example is organic cotton that is breathable as well as non-flammable unlike PVC. If you want your mattress to be springy, consider opting for one made of coir fiber, which would lend a natural spring to your bed and would be breathable enough to evade any harm.

Organic Mattresses keep Dust Mites at bay

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Most manufacturers of conventional mattresses claim that the dense structure of their mattresses would not allow dust mites to settle on the foam. However, this cannot be true and most types of conventional mattresses in fact harbor plenty of dust mites. Switching to organic mattresses would reduce your exposure to dust mites, thereby keeping you safe from related health effects.

Organic Mattresses do not pollute indoor air

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Many conventional mattresses contain synthetic chemicals that release gases into the surrounding air. You could potentially be inhaling these toxic gases without even realizing it. Organic mattresses do not release such gases, thus keeping you and your family safe from their harmful side effects.

Organic Mattresses do not get moldy

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Your body sweat can penetrate the mattress and make it moldy with time. Conventional mattresses usually need a protective covering to keep the bodies cool. Organic mattresses on the other hand are more breathable and manage moisture better, thereby keeping the body cool as well as the mattress fresh for longer periods.

Organic Mattresses are more durable

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Conventional aka synthetic mattresses need innersprings to give that bounce as well as retain their shape. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, contain natural components like latex rubber foam, coir fiber and horsetail hair to provide a natural bounce to the mattress without the need of extra additions like springs. These materials also increase the durability of organic mattresses to a great extent, thereby making them long lasting and in excellent condition for many more years to come.


Organic mattresses are considerably better than conventional mattresses and offer a slew of benefits for those who opt for them. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with organic mattresses.

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