Best Cannabis Strains For Commercial Gardens

Cannabis Strains For Commercial Gardens

People often grow many different kinds of fruits or vegetables, but they rarely think about growing any beneficial plants like chickweed, broadleaf plantain, or cannabis. There are several types of plants that are rich in many vitamins and minerals, as well as many medicinal benefits that have a high demand in the upcoming markets. Here listed are the top three marijuana strains that can be most profitable.


SativaThey have narrow, dainty leaves, with soft seeds. They are very tall, making them perfect for growing outdoors. People use this strain when they want to be full of energy and creativity, and it also opens up users to fresh and new ideas.

These strains have higher levels of THC than CBN, meaning it should give a euphoric feeling. However, it is reported to have an invigorating effect that leads to feeling happier instead.

It works well for people suffering from depression, ADHD, and fatigue. It can also help control mood disorders. People often dry, cook, and consume to get their benefits. Therefore, it can be sold raw or dried.

The great thing about growing Sativa is that its vegetative phase is shorter. There are even some Sativa strains out there bred to have shorter flowering periods. These plants are perfect for growing in hot climates, or indoor gardens where it’s hard to keep the temperature low. They can be an excellent addition to any garden.


IndicaIt is a robust strain, but it can’t reach the heights of Sativa. It is a rather bushy plant with round leaves. It has many beautiful soft marble colored seeds that make the entire plant look attractive.

People use this strain for its many benefits. Relieving sleep insomnia, alleviating pain, and reducing muscle spasms are just a few of its uses. For best result, you can purchase a mini bong online to use it so that to get the many advantage from it.

It has also been reported to relax the muscles, calm a person’s anxiety, and give relief from symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Its growing phase can also be influenced a lot by shifting light cycles, unlike Sativa. Cannabis Indica typically gives much higher yields and has a shorter flowering time than any other marijuana strains. They can be very easily grown indoors as well as outdoors because of their shorter height. They are also easy to grow in colder climates. Breeders popularly use the sea of green growing method to gain the best results.


RuderalisIt is often quite rare that people grow this particular strain of cannabis. It is slowly gaining popularity because of its much shorter height than the other two strains. Ruderalis also has thick leaves, like Indica. It can be mostly found in the northern parts of the world.

Ruderalis has an unusually early and fast flowering cycle because it grows further north than any other strain of cannabis; therefore, giving it very less time to mature before the cold weather hits.

Its naturally low concentrations of THC minimizes the effects of cannabis Ruderalis alone, but it still has many medical benefits.

Breeders mostly benefit from its auto-flowering trait by making hybrids with other strains to get more medical uses. Therefore, they can be sold to different types of clientele.

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