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8 Best Eco-Friendly Cars of 2016

by DrPrem Jagyasi

2016 has been a great year for eco-friendly cars. What with more car makers joining the green race with new eco-friendly models and more individuals opting for these cars in order to reduce their carbon footprint, it won’t come as a surprise to see at least a few of these cars hit roads worldwide in the next few years. Accordingly, here are 8 of the best eco-friendly cars that debuted in 2016.

  1. BMW 330e

    Image source : Cdn.BmwBlog.Com

The 3 series version features BMW’s bestselling car being made available to the masses as a plug in model. It comes with a 2.0 liter petrol engine which works in combination with an electric motor to produce a power output of 252hp. CO2 emissions are noted at 44g/km while the model offers a range of 20 miles. Other impressive features include an excellent cabin and the driving experience BMW is famous for.

  1. Volvo S90

    Image source : Images.Car.BauerCdn.Com

The new S90 Saloon debuts this year as a direct rival to Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 series and Jaguar XF. The car features a T8 Twin Engine Powertrain which keeps emissions at 50g/km with a fuel economy of 130 MPG. The power output of 400 bhpis complementedby a stylish cabin and exterior and semi-autonomous driving tech, all of which makes the Volvo S90 Saloon a great competitor in this list.

  1. Toyota C-HR

    Image source : Toyota-Global.Com

Entering the market as a rival to Nissan Juke, the Toyota C-HR comes with a hybrid powertrain as well the Prius’ new platform, allowing the car to share a number of components with the latter. Although not many details have been revealed about the hybrid which will go into production soon, one can expect emissions to be reduced to 73g/km in the model.

  1. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

    Image source : St.MotorTrend.Com

Honda’s new Clarity Fuel Cell will be hydrogen powered and is touted to rival Toyota’s Mirai in the fuel cell saloon category.  The Clarity Fuel Cell features a motor and fuel cell stack that has nearly the same size and weight as that of a conventional one, thus making it easy for the powertrain to be installed in conventional cars as well. Other features off the model include a range of 430 miles, a power output of 173 bhp, instant torque, zero emissions, and spacious interiors.

  1. 2016 Toyota Prius C

Image source : Images.Newcars.Com

Toyota’s Prius C has the advantage of offering a very high gas mileage for a very low price. One can expect an estimated EPA of 53 mpg in the city (46 mpg and 50 mpg for highway and combined), with some pretty impressive exteriors and styling that would make the car a must buy in the green segment.

  1. 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Image source : Media.Ed.Edmunds

The Ford Fusion is one of those hybrids that guarantee high mileage and deliver the same as well. The model enjoys the highest EPA rating among midsize sedans in this group (44/41/42 mpg in city/highway/combined). The powertrain is efficient enough to offer a quiet and comfortable ride in a stylish looking green vehicle.

  1. 2016 Mazda CX-5

Image source : Mazdausa.Com

The Mazda CX-5 SUV aims to offer the rider an efficient vehicle which is fun to drive as well, something that is hardly witnessed in a hybrid. Featuring a six-speed manual transmission, the vehicle boasts of an EPA rating of 26/35/29 mpg in cities, highways and on combined turf respectively. An automatic transmission is also available with nearly the same EPA rating.

  1. Mitsubishi ASX PHEV

Image source : Mitsubishi-Cars.Co.Uk

Mitsubishi plans to give the PHEV treatment for its compact SUV ASX. Combining fuel economy with powerful performance, the ASX aims to top the success of the company’s plug-in Outlander. Details of the vehicle that have been revealed till date include a 160hp powertrain that offers CO2 emissions of sub-40/km and a fuel economy that matches those of other PHEV’s in the market.

A lot of green, eco-friendly cars have made their debut in 2016. These cars as well as their manufacturers aim to promote the fact that eco-friendly cars can look stylish and perform really well too.