Best Products Made from Recycled Sails

The new craze nowadays is to use products made out of recycled sails. These products look trendy as well as play their part in saving the environment, since instead of throwing off the sails, they are being used to create utility product. In the following sections, let us look at some of the few interesting products made using recycled sails.

 B7 lamp

Lamp with Leather Lacing:

This ceiling lamp is round in shape and lampshade mounting has been hand stitched with lacing of white leather. The hand stitch highlights the workmanship and finish achieved in making the sailcloth lamp. It has a nearly closed form making it suitable for low-power bulbs. This B7 lamp is suitable for general lighting in the house and is best suited for use over the dining table. The lamp comes with canopy for hiding joints in the ceiling and 3m of cable. You can easily clean the lamp cloth with soap and water or vacuum clean using soft brush.

Genois Mini Beanbag

Genois Mini Beanbag:

These beanbags are made using recycled sails and ideal for outdoor lounge seating. The fabric is such that it turns rigid when someone sits on it and provides required support to your back. These beanbags are offered in four different sizes; Mini, Cheslon, Junior and Regular. Named Genois Collection, the beanbag comes with white, red and black edges.

 recycled spinnaker Curtain_1

Shower Curtain with Graphics:

The shower curtains have a dimension of 72″x72″ and made from recycled spinnaker as well as dacron sails. These recycled sailcloth curtains come with graphics on them and quite commonly used in coastal bathrooms. You also have the choice of getting the shower curtain with one porthole window in them.

 Do Laptop Bag

Do Laptop Bag:

These bags look quite chic and you can carry your papers or laptop in them. These are made from strong recycled cloth with lining made using 100 percent natural hemp with option to choose between many shades of orange. The dimension of this laptop bag is 37x26x10 cm and comes with soft padding on the inside for protecting the laptop as well as one pocket with zip. These bags are handmade and you can easily tie them up with a bicycle or any other vehicle.

Darcron Canvas Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket:

This is a laundry basket of 30×70 cm dimension with practical use and not just something for show. It is easy to carry around, as it features handles made from thick rope. You can utilize it for any purpose. It is made using woven darcon sailcloth into a strong and lightweight laundry basket, which is able to resist moisture.

Handmade Pillow

Handmade Pillow:

Every pillow is handmade featuring black sail number two, which is stitched into the pillow. These square pillows are also available with the number in other colors such as green, red and blue. On some of the pillows, sail seam is stitched in ziz zag format in blue or white color. All the pillows are of 15″x15″ dimensions, having fiberfill and canvas of organic cotton. Reinforced thread has been used to make sure that the seams have the required strength.

Nancy Bag

Nancy Bag:

All the bags are made to be unique and no one is similar to any other. These bags have a dimension of 18″x11″, are open bags and best if you are going on a day out with family.

Double deck chair

Double Deckchair:

This chair uses tan canvas sailcloth and for sling, you have several options to choose from, such as printed text in stencil font, naked sling or sewn characters in ziz-zag format.


Sailcloth is being used for making many products that not just look stylish and fashionable but also help in sustaining the envionment.

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