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BestiaNera Sport e-bike makes quite an impression with its looks and performance

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If you fancy a unique bike that has comfortable blend of high performance, technologyand design; the immensely attractive BestiaNera Sport e-bike is especially made for your love. The hybrid bike, as its looks suggest, is born out of the love from design and innovation and caters to each individual rider’s preference thanks to its rather impressive flexible configuration for off road and urban riding.

Looks to kill

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If you have missed it, just take a look at the BestiaNera Sport e-bike’s handlebars. Yes, the thing’s got horns – no mess with me bike it is.

There are few electric mountain bikes that look elegant, but the beastly BestiaNera Sport e-bike is a real head turner. It can be equally impressive both on the road and the track.

The BestiaNera Sport e-bike is a brainchild of TºRed Bikes Italy and it is designed by RomoloStanco. Touted as one of the lightest electric bikes, the BestiaNera Sport tips the scale at 9.8 kg.

The sports inspired e-bike features a monocoque carbon fiber body with carbon tri-bladed wheel on the front and a carbon disc-covered wheel in the rear.

Sports car of bikes

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BestiaNera Sport e-bike is designed primarily for comfortable street riding, but the bike can do fairly well on the track too. All that’s required is a simple configuration and just like a sports car (with little configuration) the BestiaNera Sport is ready for another setting.

The e-bike can be configured in less than 10 minutes, possible because of a dedicated kit available with the bike.

Battery and power

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The BestiaNera Sport has a 30V/160-Wh lithium-ion battery pack stuffed into its back wheel. The heart of the electric bike fuels the brushless 250-watt hub motor which assists the rider to pedal better and faster. Riding is made safe by rear regenerative braking system that has hydraulic disc brakes.

On a good day, the bike’s battery can last for a range of 30 km on a single charge. And courtesy its specially engineered TºRed’s Shape Memory Alloy Anti Vibration System that can work in tandem with the carbon fiber frame, the bike is good to take on bumpy roads with ease.

Available in three variants – Sport model, urban model and non-electric track model, the BestiaNera Sport e-bike has an approximately $11,000 price tag.

Source : Gizmag.Com

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