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Big Apple surges with green energy as Pedal Power NYC fuels a concert!

NYC celebrates water festival

The world is turning green and surging more towards green power. Pedal Power NYC has taken it a step further to promote green energy by pumping up the green volume in a live concert. 250- odd enthusiasts joined Union Square to kick start the one of its kind concert, that wasn’t fueled by electricity but through power generated by pushing the pedal. Certainly, the Amps were raised at the nouveau idea of beating the heat out of global warming and promoting a green environment. Suitably termed as “Natural Ass sessions”, the Big Apple welcomed Pedal Power NYC with an astounding response.

NYC Pedal-powered music concert

The whole fun filled green-fare was an unique concert built to complement the main stage event of the moment the “NY Celebrates Water Festival 2011”. The event was initiated to promote Big Apple’s tap waters over bottled waters and other core developmental issues of NY. New York’s streets bled green with this pedal- powered musical extravaganza with artists like Vanessa Bley, Gordon Voidwell taking center stage along with Massa of Brazilian girls.There was no dearth for fun fare, the green extravaganza was pedaled home by Oscar nominated Josh Fox of “Fracking, Gas land” fame. As the temperature notched up 80 degrees, the pedal-pushers were sprayed with NY’s clean tap water to pep up the event and to drive home the point at the Big Apple.

NYC’s first pedal-powered music festival

Even as music performers of the concert begun to sweat it out at the cycle, the event’s mastermind Ariel Agai and Chelsea Miller joined in to pedal for a novel green movement. The “No to fracking” petition received a shot in its arm as 1000- odd persons in NY signed in favour of it. It won’t be too late for the “Pedal Moment” to catch up with the rest of the world. Agai signed off by stating,

The best was to hear people’s reactions. It’s such a collective experience and you instantly become a participant in the show by being on the bike on stage. Every time someone would get off they had this look of ‘I just did something’.

Awareness on saving power, electricity and water when held at a larger platform certainly draws attention, but the core of this event is to not just propagate awareness but also instigate innovations such as pedal- produced energy that has lit up this well- motivated event. May many more persons around the globe draw a leaf from these terrific green revolutions and do more to save the environment.

Via: Inhabitat