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‘Big Crunch’: Unusual building made from scrap

The Big Crunch

The ‘Big Crunch’ is a building which is the prime example of how you can use your discarded stuff to make a valuable and useful object. Designer and maker Raumlabor has created a master piece from all kinds of household materials which one discards. Standing tall on the Georg-Büchner-Platz grounds in the city of Darmstadt, Germany, this fantastic structure is made from broken refrigerators, discarded windows, broken and thrown away furniture, unused doors, lots of other materials as well.

The basic structure is made with metal bars set in a tubular form, which are fastened together with wood lattice. Strips of wooden lattice are bound together so that the structure remains standing and tall. This structure then holds all the debris one by one. Each piece is fixed with each other in such a way that a good flow of the stuff is formed which slopes downwards. In the center of the structure is a small room which has doors on both ends of the mound. The debris is not just dumped on top of each other, there is much planning involved. The flow of each piece is such that it does not look out of place. The piling of the debris is done from inside as well so that it does not look barren from the inside. Workers have worked hard in assembling this structure and hence it is considered a master piece.

When recycling is talked about then this artistic building will always make news. The great use of material which is no longer important to the society and nobody knows what to do with it is commendable. People sometimes exchange their refrigerators and old broken windows with new ones but don’t know what to do with the old ones. In this case the designer and maker has put them to good use. People who believe in recycling should definitely pay a visit and see how this building has been made and how it has been put to use.

The designer Raumlabor feels that he was inspired by an unknown force who wanted him to make a building. He believes that the building has been made by that another force. When visitors come to see it, they feel amused and shocked at how it is made. Some people like how the discarded material has been put to good use. You never know how the ‘Big Crunch’ can inspire some other artists and architects to make such buildings which may be our future homes.

The designer and maker of ‘Big Crunch’ is an expert in the field of making contemporary and modern designed architectural buildings since the year 1999. He believes in creating urban and modern designs for homes and structures for public use. Recycling discarded materials has always been his hobby and hence he puts these materials to good use through his structures and buildings. People adore his works and hence he has got the fame he deserves.

Via: Inhabitat

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