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Biggest Giant Squid Found on Falkland Islands

giant squidThe astounding giant has been display at London’s Natural History Museum. It is one of the biggest and most complete giant squids ever found. The animal measures a monstrous 8.62m (28ft). It was caught off the coast of the Falkland Islands by a trawler.

It was through a painstaking process, researchers at the museum preserved the giant creature, and it is now on show in a 9m- (30ft-) long glass tank. Giant squid was once thought to be sea serpents. It is seen very rarely and live at depths of 200-1,000m (650-3,300ft). They can weigh up to a 1,000kg. The largest ever spotted measured a vast 18.5m and was found in 1880 off Island Bay in New Zealand.

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