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Bike wine side table: For those who believe in living life king size in a green way

If you think you are more than a businessperson, professional or homemaker and there is a life you would always wish to enjoy king size, then here is a rough and tough yet stylish product for you. This is the bike that is not meant for your ride outside the house, but this is a base on which your wine bottles may rest inside your household. Feels a little strange? But to solve this mystery for you, this product has been presented as a side table named Bike, which can be used to place and stock your wine bottles. Bike’s designer Ryan Spotowski describes this product as something that represents his students collective at the University of Alberta as a team of people rather than being a bunch of designers.

Wine Side table

This side table has been exclusively designed for your expensive international wine bottles. Its environment friendly design has been carved out of materials such as pine beetle pine, which is the pine that has been salvaged from the infestation of pine beetle. The other materials that have been used in this green side table design include hemp board, flax board and Baltic birch. This is one of the pioneer instances of the usage of such kind of renewable materials to create a piece of furniture.

This ready-to-assemble furniture item is modular enough to cut down on its shipping costs. The green pieces of Baltic birch, pine beetle pine, and hemp and straw board are settled on the side table’s front panel in a unique zigzag fashion. The innovative contrast of light and dark wooden shades gives the whole table a very different look and feel. Bike has good storage capacity and a comfortable top, while offering enough space to make all your special wine bottles sit or stand in a vertical or horizontal manner. You may sit aside this bike with a group of friends while sharing an exclusive experience of having your favorite drinks.

Via: Ryspot