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Bikes that are eco-friendly

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Electric bike

There are various bikes that have specially been designed so that they can help to reduce the pollution in the environment. One of the bikes is the electric bike that does not emit any kind of smoke. The bike is attached to a pedal and is run by a battery. Since these electric bikes run with lithium batteries that are eco friendly and safe on the environment as well, no poisonous gases are emitted in the atmosphere. There is even less litter on the roads. The battery is an eco friendly battery that is environment friendly. No poisonous gases are emitted in the atmosphere. It also helps to save a great deal of petrol. Since the battery can be recharged, it can last for a long time. Thus these bikes are considered eco friendly as well as good for the health of the commuter as well. There are various advantages of an electric bike.


Electric bikes being use by the whole of the nation 

Developed and first world countries like China and Philippines are turning to eco friendly bikes by a great deal. Last year the sale of eco friendly electric bikes hiked up the sales of bikes on the whole. The growth of eco friendly bikes has been fully supported by the government as well. This is a great way of travelling from one part of the city to another saving fuel, energy and also not polluting the air. Electric bike is a great bike to use because it does not use petrol and also does not spread the atmosphere with toxic fumes and noise pollutions.

More and more people slowly understand the use of electric bikes. They are using them for commuting from one place to another and many people are also selling of their old transport to buy these bikes.

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