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Bill Gates talks about ‘energy miracles’ at TED

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It was just a year back when Bill Gates tried to prove a point about malaria with unleashing a swarm of mosquitoes at the TED Conference. This year, the American business magnate is back to the conference, but this time he takes on CO2. Fireflies became his example of a living “energy miracle,” which could solve the ever-growing energy problems we are facing. Here is an excerpt from his speech…

Even if we were to maximize energy efficiency and limit the impact of population size, we’d still be emitting 13 billion tons of carbon annually from energy production.

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He further said…

If I only had only one wish for the next 50 years, it’d be to invent the thing that halves the cost of CO2. What we’re going to have to do at a global scale is create a new system. So we need energy miracles.

He urged the world to find innovative ways to turn spent nuclear fuel into clean energy. He said that the year 2050 is the deadline for the world to stop all the carbon emissions. He said that the researchers should spend the next 20 years inventing clean-energy technologies and then, the next 20 years implementing them.

You can read the detailed Gates’ thoughts on his TED talk at The Gates Notes.

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Via: Gizmodo/CNN

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