Everything I need to know about biosphere technology

biosphere technology

Right now, we are suffering from multiple environmental issues. If we focus on when then we can be sure than there are others that would go unnoticed. Cities, in particular, are facing two very threatening problems. First, we are not sure whether we would be able to fulfill our rising energy needs in the future. Second, we are creating so much waste that we would soon run out of places to dispose of it. Nevertheless, there are ways which might not help to solve the problems, but would surely bring some relief. Biosphere technology could prove to be one such thing.

With biosphere technology, you not only find a good use for your trash, in addition, but it is also one of the sustainable ways of solving the energy crisis. However, the situation isn’t as rosy as that even this technology has some disadvantages and the situation won’t become clear unless you weigh both sides of the argument.

Everything you need to know about biosphere technology

Biosphere technology

Welcome to the cleaner future that will have cleanliness and clean energy. Thanks Biosphere Technology for making such transmogrification possible. This is basically a gasification process that effectively converts solid waste into clean electricity.

Solid waste is collected and accumulated inside chambers. These are completely air tight, thus, preventing air from escaping and allowing precise pressure control. The amount of oxygen is also controlled and introduced into the feedstock. This, in turn, helps in ensuring control over the temperature at a given moment of time.

Gradually, the solid waste disintegrates into clean energy particles. For sure, Biosphere Technology will surely revolutionize the future. In fact, no other source has been able to attain such level of efficiency to produce clean electricity without any carbon emission.


This concept has been readily accepted in the market. In addition, the researchers and enthusiasts have come up with several models based on it. Here are some widely reckoned designs based on this concept:

1. Biosphere Sustainability Center

Biosphere Sustainability Center

To produce clean energy in the greenest way, Paul Raff Studio has come up with awe-inspiring designs of Biosphere Sustainability Center. One of which has been constructed in Gananoque, Canada. For the construction of the aforesaid, a site spanning 11,508 sq meter in the vicinity of Thousand Islands has been selected.

This center will be utilized to develop sustainable clean energy. Furthermore, it would help in bringing out positive growth in terms of environment and economy in the entire region.

In addition, it will provide ample space for exhibitions, conferences and other facilities. Therein they can effectively demonstrate the vitality of renewable energy technologies to the masses.

2. Philips Biosphere Home Farming Concept

Philips’ Biosphere

The iconic electronics manufacturers have developed a farming concept. It will provide almost everything ranging from food to fresh hydrogen, heat as well as gas. Named as Biosphere Home Farming Concept, this is a completely self-sufficient system that works on its own. This structure will have everything right from fishes, vegetables, grasses and other kinds of flora along with a system to produce heat and gas that in turn powers lights.

3. Self-sustainable Underwater Habitat

Underwater habitat

Renowned UK based designer Phil Pauley has come up with a revolutionary Self-sustainable Underwater Habitat for marine life. It will have eight living biomes surrounding a central biome. The central one will house adequate life-supporting systems to support the surrounding eight biomes. The other eight biomes will have space for living and growing food. This habitat will be installed with atmospheric pressure control systems that can easily adjust to other ocean depths easily. Such system will allow the entire habitat to either remain afloat or submerged in water.

4. World’s largest biosphere

saudi biodome 1

Imagine a green rainforest in a desert. Sounds a little absurd right, but this is what designer Phil Pauley plans for the desert of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Biome project amalgamates sustainable energy, cultural tourism, and educational opportunities together. Therefore, the designer views a huge domed city that houses a hotel, residential units and retail space with hundreds of different species of trees and plants creating a serene environment.

This green oasis will also include beautiful water features, enticing aquarium, eating areas, a central viewing area and restaurant on the top. The project will also take up a range of renewable energy technologies to illuminate the eco-friendly city with a green light. The building is said to be about 3x larger than that of the Eden Project in Cornwall, which means if it does shape into reality, it would be the world’s largest biosphere.

The benefits

Benefits of Biosphere Technology

Biosphere technology is the fastest evolving and greenest way to produce clean energy from waste material. This technology is a perfect alternative to the non-renewable sources of energy available in the present. It naturally destroys the waste to produce energy without harming the environment. The energy is produced with the help of biosphere machinery that converts the solid waste into energy without any emission of harmful carbon gases, thus, reducing the carbon footprint.

According to the latest research work, it has been found out that this technology is self-capable of converting more than 97 percent of the weight of waste material into energy. Moreover, 90 percent of the remaining can be again processed for resale in the market. The best part is the environment remains protected and brings out a more stable economy which is oil independent.

The lowdown

Lowdown’s of Biosphere Technology

As such, there is no lowdown for biosphere technology. However, the initial cost of erecting a biosphere technology clean energy-producing setup is quite expensive. The cost of generating electricity is also higher as compared to other sources of energy. In most of the cases the energy produced is not enough to fulfill heavy energy requirements.

The impacts

Biosphere Technology comes as a boon to our energy-sucking planet with an ever-increasing population. The larger population requires more energy to consume and pollutes the environment by creating chunks of waste every day. However, biosphere technology comes as a perfect solution to both these problems at the same time without increasing the environmental carbon footprint. Moreover, this process is also free from any toxic leftovers, thereby, will serve as a great source of clean energy that will be used in every household in nearby future which is free from any waste material.

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