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Borak Super solar-electric car hits Dhaka streets

borak super solar electric car

At the Renewable Energy Expo held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a battery-run three-wheeler attracted everyone’s attention. The vehicle, dubbed as Borak Super, has solar panels attached to it to power the rechargeable battery up to 20 percent. The Bangladesh Solar Energy Society considers it be the ‘most energy efficient and environment friendly that has ever hit the Dhaka streets.’

Prof Dr Saiful Huque, secretary of Bangladesh Solar Energy Society, said…

It has a huge potential if it gets a little boost from the government. It is eco-friendly; it saves electricity and is cheap to run. Considering the status of energy and pollution, it is one of the most viable options.

The zero-emission vehicle efficiently runs 120 km at its highest speed of 40 km per hour. When sun does not shine, the green car normally requires an eight-hour recharge from a regular power outlet. Borak comes complete with an automatic gearbox and super-efficient batteries that could run for 18 months. The vehicle is priced at around BDT 120,000 ($1,730) each.

Via: TheDailyStar