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Bowman’s mini log cabin is an impressive artwork

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Bob Bowman, 67, tries to replicate the charm of winter through his log cabin, which he made inside his Grand Rapids apartment. The mini cabin stands on a pebbled foundation, i.e. a 25-by-16-inch frame. Stone chimneys, artificial snow, pines, polyurethane flooring, wagon-wheel chandelier, old hand pump, sink basin and clay pots: he made them all himself.

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The veteran artist worked for hours together for a year to fashion this mini-cabin. Inside the cabin, you could see a bed, area rugs and a trophy Muskie. During the entire fabrication process, Bob kept on getting tremendous support from his friends and well-wishers. Though he finished this project several years back, still he never forgets to display it “each Christmas season for fellow residents and visitors in his apartment complex.”

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