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Five Brands that should not declare themselves green

Clorox Green Works

The days are gone when technologies meant to destroy our mother nature and in ways resulted in the pollution and un-healthy surrounding. This is an era of green technology which has completely changed the meaning of pollution and has ultimately provided all the people of the world a clean and green place to live and survive. These days the trend is to make everything that is Eco-friendly in some or other way. While most of the brands these days have successfully adopted this green changer, there are few brands that are unable to go for this green change but still they call themselves a green brand. These brands not only created massive destruction elements in the name of green but also has resulted in an un-healthy surrounding. So here is the list of five such brands that should not declare themselves green.

1. Clorox Green Works

This company is known to produce products with a label of green nature on it but does not satisfy the needs of the green nature. This company produces mostly the home cleaning products which are made out of toxic substances and chemicals that tend to produce polluting surrounding around us. These green works cleaning agents thus should be avoided and the other green brands should be preferred over it. The Clorox Green Works product line makes use of the substances like petroleum-derived preservatives that tend to mix up with the environment and creates an unbalance in nature.

2. British Petroleum (BP)

The British Petroleum was known for its quality and green products but now is being termed as Beyond Petroleum. These substances which are provided at the petroleum pump by the British Petroleum are not only polluting but are also harmful for the surrounding lives of creatures and the organisms. This company made an advertisement about how they will make the world go completely green and almost spent tens of millions on it. But their this unique ad completely failed to mention the adverse affects of the fuel sold there and how much they resulted in the overall pollution factor in Britain. These brands should be highly avoided in order to attain a green and safe future.

3. Toyota

Toyota is known for their exotic designs and really awesome cars they make out. The company was in news for their latest technology car that was supposed to make use of green energy and would result in an incredible saving of fuel and would leave a positive and healthy impact on environment. But the idea considerably failed about their latest technology car that they named hybrid Prius. This car was a hybrid model which should actually use more of the renewable fuel when compared to the non-renewable fuel. But the car did exactly opposite what it was supposed to do. Thus the environmental groups came out and marked this brand as one of the fake brands in terms of green energy.

4. Aveda

Aveda is one of the most famous brands when it comes to the beauty products and accessories. The company is known for their exotic and world class products that not only were popular but also very useful. But with their latest launch of the series of green cosmetics which they highly appreciated for its green nature, failed pretty badly as it consisted harmful chemicals and ultimately resulted in the failure of the brand. This brand sold the product on the name of green source for the beauty conscious people and actually was later realized to consist of toxic chemical substances. These toxic substances not only created skin effects but also polluted the surrounding and made it un-healthy for all the people out there. Thus this brand was blacklisted and all the products were stopped instantly for the misuse of the green technology.

5. The Nuclear Power Industry

The Nuclear energy industry calls them as source of green energy and produces electricity out of green renewable sources. The nuclear industry forgot that they also emit the gases which become a major source for the greenhouses effect. The industry successfully promoted them as a green source of energy production but later when found to be emitting these deadly and harmful gases; they were tagged as a fake promoter on the name of green technology. The nuclear energy actually makes use of elements made out of green source but what make them non-green are the gases they emit during the process of production of energy. Thus this energy was also considered to be one of the brands that misused the name of the green technology.