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Bringing environment friendliness to a salon

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Time today demands majority of people to go green, and many people are doing this happily and with dedication. Majority of people today realize how important it is to do our own bit to save the environment. The increasing popularity and awareness regarding green campaigns world over, today even the salon owners are trying to make their salons green that not only are beneficial for the environment but for people as well.

The harmful salon products


In order to make a salon non-toxic and to get eco-friendly services at a salon, both the owner and customers need to have some knowledge as to what are the harmful ingredients and how they harm the environment and us. The lack of government insight allows manufacturers to add such hazardous chemicals to nail, hair and other beauty products. If you as a customer know what those chemicals are, you can always question the stylist and ensure that they are not using any such chemicals on you.

Salon workers also need to have awareness about harmful chemicals that they use on their clients. The hair and nail products that they use on clients show symptoms like headache, skin rashes, and breathing problems on both them and the client. To go by some reports, long-term salon workers even develop chronic illnesses like certain cancers, lung diseases, and asthma.

Harmful Chemicals

hairdresser applying color female customer at salon, doing hair dye

Formaldehyde glycol, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Methyl Methacrylate, Styrene, Cyclomethicone, Trichlorethylene, which are there in many nail polishes, hair sprays, artificial nails, hair straighteners, and skin cleansers.

After having all the above information, following are some ways you can use to have a non-toxic salon experience:

Question the salon owner

Hair salon owner or employee

Being a customer, you have full authority to ask your stylist or the owner that what are the products they use, do they contain harmful chemicals, and their effect on you. Sometimes the products do not mention their true ingredients, and only the Safety Data Sheet can reveal whether the product is fit for use or not. So ask them to show you the report, if they refuse to then you can even file a complaint in the name of salon.

Consider the smell in the air

Hair salon. Washing with shampoo.

There are some chemicals present especially in nail polishes and hair dyes, which are harmful fumes. When you enter a salon, you can make out from the smell how fresh or how full of fumes it is. You should at once leave a salon where you fond the air not fresh, as it could be the harmful fumes rotating in the air and not going out because of poor ventilation.

Avoid frequent appointments

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Some women take pleasure in visiting salons on a frequent basis and get hair, nail, and other beauty treatments pretty often. It is not safe because a frequent visit means exposure to harmful chemicals too often that is not at all good for your health. Ask your stylist different ways and options that can help you stick to a minimum of salon visits.

Herbal solutions

Hair Salon situation

The best way to save you from harmful beauty treatments and products is to stay away from them and use natural options. You can find out numerous natural treatments and beauty products and apply them yourself at home. If not then you can get the hang of salons that offer natural and herbal treatments.

Salon workers are exposed to the harmful chemicals in beauty products because they use those chemicals daily on their clients. Green salons are good initiatives that can save people and environment from the harmful effects of the chemicals.