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British Human Power Club to wow the crowds at BikeRadar Live 2010

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BikeRadar Live 2010, the UK’s ultimate bike festival, is scheduled for the weekend of the July 10th – 11th at Brands Hatch in Kent. This year, one of the major highlights will come from The British Human Power Club (BHPC), who are all set to amaze the crowds with their unusual and weird two-wheelers. The vehicles include simple recumbent and handcrafted streamlined speed machines.

Adrian Setter, the club’s competition secretary, said…

It’s a rare treat to race on such an impressive and historic circuit as Brands Hatch, and I hope other visitors will be fascinated to see the variety of human powered vehicles that will be on show.

The machines racing will range from fast road-going machines, through no-compromise unfaired circuit racers, right up to the ultimate, hand-crafted, fully faired streamliners.

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Settler further said that one of the “Beano” carbon-Kevlar streamliners, which have average speeds of over 30mph, would possibly receive the overall honors. At the festival, you can see some of the world’s best downhillers, dirt jumpers and stunt riders performing extreme action.

Via: BikeRadar Live 2010