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Brooklyn’s pedal-powered eco-gym embraces recycling

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While offering courses on physical fitness through yoga and calisthenics, managers at the Green Fitness Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn make sure that they do equally well on the eco-aspects of the gymnasium. Here, the fitness equipment and the exercise floor as well are made from recycled metal and recycled bamboo and rubber respectively. Muscle power keeps the treadmills, steppers and ladder machines going for hours.

Making it a guiltless experience for green fitness-freaks, the LCD screens on the treadmills are extremely energy efficient. Touchscreen computers are there that use only 200 watts of power, i.e. just 48 percent of power when compared to HDTVs. An atrium houses an organic smoothie bar and some highly energy-efficient, infrared saunas. A 2000-square-foot outdoor rooftop area is covered with sod that uses less energy to cool the gym. The living roof helps in conserving rainwater and reduces storm water runoff.

Anyway, if you wish to join this fitness center for a year, you need to shell out $150 for enrollment, and $79 per month.

Via: TheBrooklynPaper