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Brooks Sports BioMogo

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Brooks Sports has come out with an awesome product that strives to revolutionize the field of running shoes and its components.

Traditionally, running shoes mid soles were made out of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is one of the least bio-degradable products within the whole shoe. This component could last upto 1000 years inside a landfill.

However, gone are those days with the creation of BioMogo. Adding the Mogo compound to the midsole components, the company has accelerated the rate of degradation of these soles by as much as 50 times. Moreover, it will save over 29.96 million pounds of landfill waste in about 25 years.

Even though this invention is highly acclaimed and deserves to be patented, Brooks Sports has decided to call it an open innovation.