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Five things to consider while building an eco friendly home theater

Eco friendly home theater

You are a movie buff and you love the sensation of your heart skipping a beat when you see your favorite actor on the big screen. But you can’t stand the mad crowd whistling and clapping in a disturbing way in the theater while you are engrossed in the movie and want to enjoy each and every bit of the film. You are not very happy about the sky-high price of the ticket also. Also you have to spend through your nose for pop-corns and zero calorie drinks.

The only way out is: have your own home theater which brings the same ambiance of a theater with home comfort. If you are a ‘go-green’ person, design an Eco-friendly home theater. This way you can keep up your ‘green-badge’, as well satisfy your passion for good films. Bake your cake and eat it too.

This article tells you various ways to create a pollution-free, no-wastage and energy – conserving home theater

1. Recycle

Start with recycling old things. If you want new things to come in, you should show the door to the old unwanted things. Instead of throwing them in a trash, you can give a thought of recycling old things. Old but useable furniture can be donated to needy people. Used carpets and textiles can also be given away to old age home or some orphanage. Or you can approach some people who give a new look for the used items and sell them also.

2. Reuse

Reusing old things is the other option to furnish your home theater before you go shopping to buy new ones to decorate your home theater. Give a face lift to your old dresser, cabinet and bookshelf and use them as repository for keeping CDs and DVDs. Use your old mini-fridge to keep cool drinks and biscuits or pastries which you can have while watching a film in your home theater. This will add a ‘feeling-good’ effect of watching a movie in a theater. Think about some other items which can be reused with some touch up and kept in the home theater. Money thus saved can be used for buying some classical movies of your favorite actors.

3. Reclaim

You will have to spend some money to reclaim the old ones. Or go in for some items which are far less cheap. If you have extra money to spill out, try to get a few authentic antique theater couches of 20’s or 30’s, which add a grand look and rich color to your home theater. If you are very particular about buying new furniture for your home theater, look for sofas which are long lasting and made from pollutant-free sources.

4. Green curtains

When you furnish your home theater with some special couches and antique theater seats, no doubt, your windows also need a green touch. Beautify your windows with eco-friendly organic cotton drapes or bamboo fibers. You can also let the natural sun light peep in during cold weather by keeping your drapes open in day light. To avoid summer heat, close window drapes and shades during summer.

5. The visual medium

Since the decoration part is almost completed, let’s divert our attention to the most important thing: the visual medium – the very life of a home theater. Select a high end screen with LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) technology. The display on these new, improved monitors is better than the flat screens. The screen is just an inch thick, well suited for wall mounting. LED monitors save energy by using 40% less energy than LCD monitors. There are some Eco-friendly projectors which also use LED technology. There is an Eco-stand-by mode which helps save more energy when the projector is on but not in use. Lighting in your home theater also needs to be redefined. If you have a larger budget, and want to have an ultimate theater experience LED lights come to your rescue which is available in innumerable varieties. These lights come with dimmable and programmable options.

One more valuable tip for your home theater: Look for an induction stove to pop up your corn. Induction stove consumes less electricity and helps you to conserve energy.

A conscious and careful plan with an insight is all that needed to make your home theater eco friendly. Make use of alternate energies like solar, water and wind to energize your home theater. Enjoy your movies without any guilt conscience with your Eco-friendly home theater.