Building Eco-Friendly Houses and The Benefits of Solar Panel Use!

Eco-Friendly Houses and The Benefits of Solar Panel Use

Are you looking into building a new home? Or restoring a building and wanting to move into it? If so, there are many eco-friendly ways of doing so. Although when building a home lots of people tend to look at the cheapest way in doing so, some ways will end up saving you money in the long run.

Eco friendly or self-sustainable is becoming something that more and more people are becoming aware of. When looking for land many people include on their priority list land to grow vegetables and fruit, or somewhere to raise livestock.

Why not go that step further and discover the benefits of solar power, roof solar panel installation is a fantastic, eco-friendly way of powering your home, you also earn money after doing so. Although when these systems first came out they were very expensive to install, that is no longer the case.

With more and more homes installing solar panel roofs the price has in return dropped dramatically. The realization that you can earn money back from the local power grid and add value to your home has become a massive incentive to introducing this to your home.

What are the benefits of an eco-friendly home?

solar panel installationThe benefits of having an eco-friendly home are varied, especially if starting from scratch. Starting with a fresh canvas is the best way but if this is unavailable to you enlist some help. Many people have now undertaken these types of projects. Some have had great success having fully functioning self sustainable, eco friendly homes.

What is it that you want most from owning and living in a green home? Is it that you want as least work as possible or do you want to at some point in time live from your land making a financial living.

Earning a financial living all depends on what sort of income you are looking to gain and the work you are willing to put in. Is it that you just want to top up a wage that is coming in to add a few bucks to the spending jar? If that is the case maybe you could add fruit trees to the garden and sell marmalade or jams. Growing food is a huge way people save money and waste.

If you are looking into covering monthly bills, then installing ways to not only save money but make it is a great way to have extra income. Solar power not only helps you run your home but has been proven to be helping people earn a very decent income. Using your power supplies in certain time frames is helpful in saving money. When the household appliances are at the lowest cost to run, then the more money you will save while they are running.

Find out if you can get help

When starting your eco house, look into tax breaks or grants that are around. Maybe the government or your local town council will help you. This is something that you may be able to obtain and set up. Sometimes you can get a loan and then pay back a percentage each month when your system is up and running.

The governments are encouraging self sufficiency where ever possible. It is being encouraged by many different organizations for promoting a better economic way of life. If it is possible, helping you will always be encouraged. Even if you can not get financial funding, advice in setting up home products is available.

Ask for advice this can be readily at hand online or in person, guidelines and brochures are also there to help. Recycling plants do not only help with recycling along with garden centers, and other such places that promote world care, often have an array of information that can help you.

Electric providers will sometimes be interested in purchasing your electricity for other households in the area. Investigate if the electricity you are producing can be sold to any company, or does it need to be sold to your supplier? If it can be sold back to any company look at competitive rates and what will help you best financially.

Other ways in having a greener life


The greener life is a lifestyle choice and is becoming an up and coming trend that can be fun!

Now it is not unheard of that people are starting to keep chickens again, getting fresh eggs every day is another way of ensuring daily food can be in your diet when funds are low.

When keeping chickens yourself you will know how well the chickens are kept and the diet they are consuming. In return for keeping your hens, you will get the healthiest freshest eggs in your town! Depending on how many chickens are kept will depend on the eggs that are laid. Having an over-spill of eggs is not a disadvantage.

Do you need heating and light in where you are keeping your hens? Do you have an outbuilding that can also use solar panels for the roof? Or somewhere you may be growing vegetables. Using solar panels on outbuildings will also produce electricity.

Using electricity is very much taken for granted. Everyone is guilty of not turning off the lights in the home. Look around your home what is plugged into the sockets but not being used? How many TVs are on standby? Do you know how much electricity you and our family are wasting on a daily basis? Having your electricity monitored by installing solar panels will show you exactly how much you waste.

Talk with a professional

If you are sitting on the fence about what to do regarding solar panels, speak to a professional. When solar panel installation first started there was little known about the positive sides of doing so. It was known to be a good thing, the actual proof and numbers were not as available as it is now.

When having a professional installer around to give you information about what needs to be done, how you will need to install the system have a list of questions to ask them. Like what is below, especially if you are adding to a house that is already built

  • Is your roof suitable?
  • What will you need to do to get and what do they provide?
  • Can you have a quote for the final price?
  • Will any extra costs arise?
  • Can you see a spreadsheet or a guide of what people are saving in the area overall?
  • Will you make any money by installing this and if so roughly how much?
  • Will you need planning permissions for doing so?
  • Are there regulations that need to be followed?

The beautiful thing about hiring a professional, you can ask as many questions as you like. They will give you information packs and spreadsheets that will be broken down, this will help you to understand what the whole project will entail. There is no need to rush this; a professional will understand you can and should be able to ask as many questions as you like.


Solar panels are said to be how future homes will be built, new builds will nearly always have solar panels installed. So by updating your roof into having them it is only ever going to add value to your home.

Knowing that you will be saving money and earning it, is an encouraging factor. Who doesn’t want to be getting the washing done as they are earning money? Financial gain is helpful especially when things get hard. So the initial outlay may seem like a scary one but it will and does pay for itself.

Check and see if your neighbors have solar panels, speak to them and look at what they are saving. What have their experiences been since having it? What have they noticed since having it? are they using the household appliances at better times? Do they switch off the electricity more often?

Saving our world by not wasting gas, electricity, and water is only ever going to be beneficial to the next generation and the one after that. Taking care of the planet in which you live can start in the smallest way, all the while making the biggest difference in more than one way.

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