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Calvin Nicholls’ paper sculptures are a fine piece of eco-friendly art


Calvin Nicholls is an artist who owns a studio since 1986. He specializes in making sculptures from paper, which are eco-friendly in nature. His work includes Doves in Flight, Boreal Owl, Ship, Porky Pine, Lion, Frog, Zebra and Wolves, to name a few.

The talented artist has crafted sculptures for advertising campaigns, book publishers, private collectors, institutions, galleries and corporate gift companies. He has a corporate home office in close proximity to Chicago Illinois, were over 75 pieces of his work have been put on show. The sculptures look very real and their green characteristics makes them all the more appealing.

The artist:

Giving paper an all new form, with his talent and hard work, is Calvin Nicholls. The artist lives in Toronto, Canada and crafts paper sculptures that make people slither in a state of admiration.

The inspiration:

The artist was pushed further to adopt this amazing and rare art form because of sources like advertising campaigns, corporate gift companies, institutions, private collectors, book publishers and galleries. His work was highly appreciated, which boosted up Calvin’s morale to come up with great ideas.

The material:

Calvin has used simple materials like sheets of paper and scalpel to craft incredible forms. A scalpel is a sharp bladed instrument, which was used for cutting sheets.

The artwork:

Calvin, an artist from Toronto, has skillfully used scalpel and paper sheets. His studio, where he works, came into life in the year 1986. After completing the sculptures, he photographs all the details on an 8×10 film. Lighting is kept in mind while clicking pictures, so that all the details get highlighted. Once the desired details come out well, they are further scanned and printed.

Green aspects:

Calvin has kept in mind the deteriorating environment while crafting his creations. Paper has been widely used while making awe-inspiring sculptures, which does not harm our surroundings at all. It is recyclable in nature and can be molded into different forms. He has extensively used the color white that further lays a very strong impression on the viewers mind. This also gives birth to incredible yet soothing textures and shapes.