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Car disguised as shrub runs clean on solar power

terrestrial shrub rover 1

The Terrestrial Shrub Rover is a solar-powered vehicle that is designed by Justin Shull for spying purposes (maybe), or has done that just ‘for the art’s sake’. The weird-looking vehicle is draped in shrubs all over it. Since it is not supplied with a windshield, certain video screens and a control unit keeps it steady on roads, parks, alleys, almost anywhere. Shull hopes to release a remote-controlled version of the car shortly, and will include a webcam for the purpose.

Designer’s statement:

terrestrial shrub rover 2

In the spirit of NASA and its forthcoming 2020 lunar expeditions in preparation for colonizing the moon, the Terrestrial Shrub Rover presents the opportunity to explore terrestrial and social environments back on Earth from within a manned, foliage bedecked, solar electric powered rover. (Also, in development is an unmanned, remotely controlled, webcam version)

Justin created this car almost a year back.

terrestrial shrub rover

Via: Dvice