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A Cardboard chair can get you rocking

A Cardboard chair

Since cardboard is one of the leading materials in the eco-furniture market, you would have more than you can choose from. Therefore, it is necessary that you don’t fall for just because it happens to be eco-friendly furniture material. Since you have a choice, you should look for one that fits your needs. This means both utility and aesthetics. Don’t make a compromise on either. Check out the cardboard chair and furniture ideas and make the best choice for yourself.

Rocking Cardboard Chair

Does it sound unreal that simple cardboard has the capacity to make you rock? Does it feel strange if you get to know that there is a special rocking chair creation that can make you swing like a regular rocking chair?

If you are thinking it to be a little bit unbelievable that a cardboard chair can take a person’s weight, then check out this unique design by an artistic designer Brandon Liew. Created using the 10 mm folded cardboard, this rocking chair concept emerged as a part of a design challenge.

The inspiration

The challenge was not merely to create a design out of cardboard that is different, unique and creative, but focused more on the design of a kind of cardboard chair that could support the weight of even a 100 kg individual. Yes, even if you wish to eat an extra piece of a brownie and relax on this piece of furniture, the chair would not let you down! An additional surprise hidden inside this cardboard rocking chair design is that it does not use any glue or fixing to assemble its various parts. That seems to be a quite unique feature of the chair that the designer has well thought of while presenting his masterpiece.

Now you might be thinking how does the chair support a heavy load while there is no glue and no fixings! Brandon has taken care of this conceptual aspect through mechanisms of locking and folding. The structure of the rocking chair gets its strength from these special mechanisms. But, it really gets a nice and different look if you glance at its tidy and clean folds and locks. These nowhere make the ultimate model look clumsy or uneven. Also, even after assembling its parts, the chair is so light that not only it rocks you, but you can make it rock too!

The design

A Cardboard chair

It is portable and quite easy to carry to the place where you wish to relax. You can easily take it to your porch if you are in a mood to read a newspaper in the morning. Moreover, you can also shift it to your library room if you wish to enjoy a novel in the evening. Furthermore, it can also make you rock in your drawing room while you enjoy your favorite music show. The designer has especially kept the focus on an individual’s needs for fun, comfort and relaxation while designing this rocking chair. It has been especially kept low so its design does not seem very imposing. From kids’ point of view, it is a good source of fun and entertainment, and they can try varied activities using this chair.

How eco-friendly is it?

There has also been an eco-friendly approach in this rocking chair’s design. As it uses cardboard for getting constructed, it does not cause harm to the environment and is safe for even kids when they play with it. More importantly, the used material is recyclable once the chair needs to be disposed off. This stylish and amazing piece can give a wonderful look to any room you place it in, due to its availability in bright colors that would match any kind of furniture and home decor. You may choose the one in your favorite color and relax in a rocking style!

Via: Brandon Liew

Some more cardboard chair ideas

1. Recycled chair by Vera Tochetti

ecologic design 1

Following the technique of Frank Owen Gherry, the world famous American architect, exhibition designer and teacher, Verra Tochetti, the owner of Begoodesigns has created the beautiful recycled cardboard chair and given a new life to the trashed cardboard.

Vera Tochetti is a Uruguay based designer where she launched her own designer studio. There she supervises new talented designers and creates her own furniture pieces too. She has also launched another eco-design studio called the begood designs where she and other creative artists make superb designs made out of discarded material that can be recycled and reusable.

Frank O. Gherry can be called the father of cardboard furniture as he was the first person to make use of cardboard in creating beautiful furniture pieces. The buildings that he designed and also his own house have become famous tourist attractions. He has also won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Many other furniture designers have taken inspiration from his work and has created graceful designs out of recycled cardboard. The furniture made out of cardboard is very affordable as it is less costly than the other wooden furniture. The furniture item made of cardboard is very light and disposable and above all very trendy.

2. Cardboard Chair by Ana Mitrano

recovered cardboard chairs and tables by ana mitra

So who says that we can’t build beautiful, eye appealing furniture out of a biodegradable, recyclable product called cardboard? Of course, the fact remains that it is not easy to mold the furniture, but then it’s not an impossible task either. Feria Puro Diseno(FPD), the all time famous design fair in Buenos Aires, saw the unveiling of some really classy pieces of furniture. All these pieces have been expertly made out of colorful cardboard pieces and given an eye pleasing, funky design.

The mastermind behind these creations is Ana Mitrano, an Argentinean architect, who has made it possible to mould different shapes out of recovered cardboard. Ana did not stop at just furniture, rather he went ahead and created clothes hangers along with the chairs and tables. The designs consist of a lot of twists and turns, all fused into each other to create designs that would decorate your living room tastefully.

The shapes have been assembled out of pressed cardboard plaques and are as comfortable as they look. Available in multiple colors, these pieces would add that extra oomph factor to their surroundings. The point which can’t be missed is that the furniture has a capacity to support over 100 kgs of weight.

3. Cardboard Seater for kids

Peanut Cardboard Chair

The team of designers conducted a thorough research and aimed to come out with a cardboard chair design that could tolerate the stresses of a kid who has around 40 – 50 pound weight. Also, their task was not to take the cardboard as a model but as the final material to be used in the development of the kid seating unit.

While looking at all aspects of comfortable seating for children, Zach designed this Peanut chair that not only takes the child’s weight and movements in a proper manner, but also offers a design that is friendly to the environment. The Peanut cardboard chair has a collapsible design so it can be disassembled and stored during the time it’s not required. Also, this chair is easily disposable when its life ends. So, the ultimate design makes the Peanut green and modular.

Peanut would be lovable by kids as its color, shape and style is quite appealing, while the way this chair is created offers a variety of opportunities for kids to innovate and experiment with it. This kind of design for a piece of furniture is ideal for the kindergarten classroom usage as children may try assembling it in a group activity. But the chair is great for children’s usage at home too. It is very comfortable to sit on, and also lightweight for even a kid to pull and take it to the place they wish. You may place this kind of a chair in children’s room, dining room or even your living room. This would only add to the present look of your house as it seems to be a decorative piece of furniture in itself.