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Cardboard creativity expresses itself in chairs

Necessity being the mother of invention may be a cliché of sorts but it is an irrefutable truth. It has been entirely the role of necessity in creating cardboard chairs of a real exotic variety. The creation happened when the studios of Mary Elizabeth Miller were working alongside an NGO program at Prague in the Czech Republic. The chairs made are modular in assemble and thus can be broken down and flattened to make for easy packing, storage and transport. It is more of a stool than a chair in the sense that it does not have a back rest. But unlike the stool, it is comfortable to sit on for it has been built ergonomically.

Chardboard Chair

The NGO program was directed towards finding jobs and building skills for the homeless people in Prague. Apart from doing these, the NGO group also attempted to boost the morale, self confidence and self esteem of these homeless people. For this, they were encouraged to put up street plays. These plays were thrown open for the public and the homeless were suddenly actors and celebrities! That is where the studio came in with a great idea.

The design of a chair was devised and offered to the NGO. The chair was made entirely from cardboard and thus the raw materials for manufacture were inexpensively available. Each chair could be cut by laser and designed to be packed flat and easy. The chairs could be easily assembled on the site. These chairs were then used for the plays and then packed back after the performance.

The design has a reinforcing structure that ensures strength for the chairs. The construction consists of a matrix of sheets which lend stability to it. Though individually the cardboard sheets cannot withstand stress, when built into a matrix like this, they can take loads of almost up to 70-80 kilograms. Being an all-cardboard construction, the chairs are very light. This makes it very convenient in transporting them and setting them up. The chairs also do not have many appendages and are an open design. This is another feature that ensures easy packing and storage.

The chairs score high even on the looks front. In fact, they could be used to create a unique decor and ambiance for outdoor seating areas. The whole seating surface on top of the chair curves gently to take in the body shapes and contours. This provides for a relaxed sitting experience. You could even place a cushion or a pillow to enhance the comfort levels. This ergonomic chair is sure to satisfy you at a low cost. Learn more about it at maryelizabethmiller.com/. It could be the best possible mass-buy for any outdoor event. Be careful of the rains though!