Care tips and ideas for your beautiful winter lawn

Having a great looking lawn is a blessing, especially in winters. Many people find it hard or think that having a great lawn in winters is almost impossible. There are some other people though for whom all this is myth and they know very well the tactic to have wonderful lawns even during winters.

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The lawns with lush green grass carpets when some other lawns are deserted have no color, overall in a state of decline. Like many if you also wonder as to what secret those gardeners follow, which makes their garden look great in all weather conditions . Dr. Prem intends to give you all some winter lawn care tips, essential to make your garden look great even in winters as well.

The secret to a beautiful winter lawn

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It takes a number of procedures to make your lawn look equally stunning during winters just as it looks during other seasons but there is one thing that has maximum contribution, the fertilizing in autumn. A beautiful winter lawn is an outcome of proper fertilization that a gardener does in autumn, the period prior to the onset of winter. This is the secret to have wonderful winter lawns, which is effective and too simple to apply. When winters arrive, it becomes difficult for the gardener to take proper care of a lawn because of adverse weather conditions, and that time is not favorable for the grass growth as well. Therefore, autumn is an ideal time for fertilization that later on results in perfect winter lawns.

In other words, to have a perfect winter lawn one requires enhancing the lawn health in autumn. In order to enhance autumn lawn health, which eventually results in a perfect winter lawn, one must take these following steps:

Proper fertilization


Choose the right time and pick the correct type of fertilizers, which suit your lawn type the best. Go for high quality winter fertilizers and put them in your lawn in autumn, prior to the arrival of winters. One can start in May, then again after eight weeks, and follow this trend of fertilizing. A gardener must follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and stick to the quantity and time frequency mentioned by them. The winter fertilizers have higher levels of iron, which is essential for winter lawn health.

Enhance the mowing height

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In winters, the hours of daylight decrease, which means plants get lesser hours to photosynthesize. Therefore, if you will increase the mowing heights, the grass would get more food supply. More food supply means more growth and healthy development of the lawn grass.

Control watering

 Control watering

During winters, a gardener must not overwater the lawns. The air and soil temperature decreases in winter, so over watering is not good for the plants and the lawn grass. It might give rise to the turf diseases and the rotting of the thatch layer.


Cutting an edge

Pruning is of paramount importance during winters, otherwise the weeds start to take place of the lawn grass and plants. The broadleaf weeds become prominent during winters in the lawn, as the temperature becomes beneficial for their survival in winters. The bushes and the trees if overgrow in winters, pruning is required or else they do not allow enough sunlight to enter the lawn.

Lawn Repairs


Make sure you do not indulge in any kind of lawn repair activities like coring, vertimowing, or top dressing after April, as it gets too late for the lawn to repair and maintain its health before winter arrives. Give your lawn repair activities before April.


Usually, the lawns become deserted in winters but if proper care is taken, and some important tips are followed, the lawns can look as charming in winters as they do in other seasons.

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