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Cargo containers transformed into beautiful Anhui-style community

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Being one of the most popular tourist places in China, the exotic Hainan Island offers stunning homes for people to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, but of course at very high prices that many employees cannot afford. To provide a decent yet affordable living environment for its employees, a factory in Hainan Province builds two-story apartments out of used cargo containers. The small Anhui-style community is a stylish dwelling to as many as 40 workers.

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The eco-friendly apartments shaped out of old shipping containers not only diverts the obsolete containers from landfills, but also save costs at the same time. The small windows cut into the containers provide natural ventilation, while the roofs keep the heat off. The beautiful wooden entrance, the Anhui style front gate along with the wooden corridor and staircase makes the building quite welcoming.

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Via: China Hush