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Carry this trendy, upcycled bag to make eyes roll

Roxwell upcycled luxury handbag

Carry your attitude with you. With the amazing bag at your side, now you can flaunt your handheld with panache. Roxwell, the maker of the upcycled bag, redefines the fashion statement with their latest creation.

As bags carry a little part of your world inside them, they are meant to be classy, spacious and yet, absolutely, a must have utility for all. This 52wX 32hx13d cm bag is no exception to this rule. With a cool leather lining on one side to the fair coffee sack on the other, the bag will have the eyes of many rolling right there and then. The chicness of the bag had been derived from the eco-friendly products which have been used in the making of the handheld. Right from its lining to the outside covers, everything has been designed keeping in mind the use and the looks.

Roxwell upcycled luxury handbag 1

The utilitarian product has been priced at £155 a pop and can be all yours if you hurry up. So what are you thinking about, pack your bags and order this uber neat, sexy bag today.

Roxwell upcycled luxury handbag 2

Via: E-Side

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