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Carry your green with Lawnsie, the new portable lawn

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Lawnsie, the new portable lawn

It’s almost a luxury for city dwellers to feel fresh grass beneath their feet. Either you have to go to a park, or you have to buy an exorbitantly expensive apartment just for the sake of the garden in the apartment complex. Many studies have proved that looking at greenery and spending time in nature, whether it’s a park or forest, is good for your mental and emotional health. But greenery is at a premium in cities, leading to a disconnection between people and nature. Surrounded by concrete and metal structures, you hardly ever come in contact with things like grass or any form of greenery, unless you go looking for it. Maybe that’s why, the new portable lawn, aptly named Lawnsie has been a hit with people.

What is Lawnsie

Lawnsie, the new portable lawn

It’s a little bit of soft, synthetic grass in the shape of a person, which you can carry around. There’s a stylish case for it too, so that you can spread your own little faux lawn wherever you want. Groupon, the company which developed this little personal lawn, put a price tag of 5 pounds and they’re completely sold out. Lawnsie is lightweight and has a stylish green case with adjustable straps.

You can spread Lawnsie anywhere and everywhere according to your use or needs. You can take it to the office and spread it out for a quick power nap. After all, so many studies have proved that napping in the office is beneficial for health.

Or spread your personal lawn in parks, instead of any cloth to sit on or to just lie down and rest for a while.

Some other portable lawn squares 


Lawnsie, the new portable lawn

Synlawn is a synthetic grass lawn which has been specially made for golfers. It can be carried around everywhere, allowing avid golfers of all ages to practice their shots in their homes, or offices. You can spread it on any hard surface too. These golf grass patches can help to improve the skills of any golfer. The Synlawn behaves like a natural lawn, and is strong, resilient and durable. According to the manufacturer, the Synlawn can withstand any number of practice sessions, and has been engineered keeping in mind ball roll, ideal ball lie situations and distance control. This synthetic grass mat can also be used as picnic mats, thus adding a multi-functional factor to it.


This small patch of artificial grass has an inbuilt drainage system. This drainage system can contain your pet’s waste in a certain designated area. It can fit pets of many sizes and seems to be an option for pet owners who want their pets to have a natural experience.

Benefits of synthetic lawns

You can also use a faux lawn in your backyard or balcony, if you choose. The plus point is that this lawn does not need any watering, or trimming and can be cleaned easily. Synthetic lawns have been around for quite some time now, but they are better known as Astroturf, artificial turf and outdoor carpet. As you don’t have to spray any pesticides or any organic fertilizer for that matter, you can enjoy a bit of green in your back or front yard, even if you don’t have the time or resources to maintain it.

Drawbacks of synthetic lawns

Lawnsie, the new portable lawn

Though synthetic lawns are easy to maintain, there are some drawbacks to it. According to environmentalists, synthetic lawns, which are made of nylon, can release gases to the environment that might contribute to global warming. If they are not cleaned from time to time, they might start stinking. Zinc, silver and other chemicals in these lawns leak into water and contaminate it. And if these harmful chemicals break down and are released into the atmosphere, they can be dangerous to humans, animals and plants.

There are certain manufacturers who have started manufacturing synthetic grass with eco friendly materials, but still the base is made out of petroleum products.

If you have even a teeny bit of space outside your home, you can create a little rock garden with synthetic grass to add the ‘green’. Potted plants and flowers will add charm, and you can have a pretty garden, which is low maintenance, right in your backyard.